My Style

Yesterday I got caught up watching Tobi Fairley on Creative Live talking about your home style when it comes to interior design. The one thing she talked about that really resonated with me was how your clothing style and home style can really be a reflection of one another.

So let's dissect this a bit.

Here are two of my favorite tops:

Free People Light My Fire Tunic

Free People Whistle While You Work Yummy Dobby Tunic

Both tops are frilly and feminine. I might wear them with jeans, but they aren't nearly as casual as t-shirts. I never wear any kind of athletic shoe, and I don't really wear anything too crazy bold. In fact, my absolute favorite color is turquoise. It makes me feel relaxed and at ease (which makes sense if you know anything about the color wheel).

So here is what I have that I love in my home that fits my vision:

Hadley Ruched Duvet Cover from Pottery Barn

Bamboo Viscose Towel Set in Dreamy Blue from Burke Decor

Waves of Ruffles Shower Curtain by Anthropologie

So you kind of get the picture of my style…

Feminine, blue, soft, airy.

It's kind of the exact opposite of my husband's style which is more modern and includes a lot of black. (Thanks, Ikea.)

Nevertheless, watching Tobi Fairley gave me new ideas about how to use the modern pieces my husband brought into the marriage in the type of airy, soft home that I imagine (such as changing up the hardware).

We probably won't touch any of that until after our trip to Europe… (And to be honest, home decoration is pretty low on our list of priorities right now.) But hopefully, in the future, we'll be able to tackle home decoration in a very real way to make our home a place that we truly love rather than merely the place we live.

Tomorrow I'm going to go through my pinterest board and talk about some of the decor I would buy if I had an endless amount of money and could afford to decorate my home any way I please. :)

Can you see similarities in the way you dress to the way you decorate your home? If you think about it like that, are there pieces you would get rid of that simply don't fit? What about pieces that you didn't think fit your style but now do?

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