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This week has been a bit crazy and all of our schedules have been thrown way off as Justin, I, and the 4 year old get used to living together. Justin and I went from living in a tiny house and only having to be concerned with ourselves to living in a bigger house and worrying about the 4 year old, the guinea pig, the cat, and some fish. Crazy, right?! Everyone says this will help us prepare for parenting later in life…

In the mean time, another blogger challenged me to think about my instagram account, which is rarely updated anymore since 1) it was bought by Facebook and 2) they now have advertising. Yuck, yuck, yuck. I don't want to sift through hundreds of ads to see what my friends and family are doing!

Anyway, I started thinking about the subjects I photograph most often with my phone and about my style of photography and editing via the cell phone. It was definitely interesting comparing the images and seeing the very different editing styles I tend to use with instagram in comparison to photoshop.

1. Sunsets/Sunrises

One of my favorite things to photograph is sunsets and sunrises, and unless I've planned ahead, which is rare, my shots of the sunset/sunrise are most often taken with a phone. It doesn't help that Justin and I tend to stay incredibly busy and find ourselves out on the road a lot. It actually takes effort and thought (and probably pre-planning as well) for us to remain at the house every night for a whole week. Frankly, that kind of forethought doesn't usually happen.

While Justin and I do fail quite well at staying in one place for more than 24 hours, I do love the soft editing and creamy colors in my instagram sunrise and sunset shots. Often if I have planned to be out taking photos at that time of day, the clouds are not cooperating. It seems everything only comes together perfectly when you can't find a place to pull over and you don't have your dslr. Go figure.

2. Skylines

Along the same lines as the sunset/sunrise shots, I always see the perfect set-up for a skyline shot when I'm in the car going somewhere and there is nowhere to pull over. Where, for example, am I suppose to pull over on I-85 in Atlanta without killing myself? So, iphone shots from the car it is!

3. Food

Justin loves to make food, and I love to eat it. ;)

And photograph it. :) It would seem I have the most patience photographing breakfast and dessert. Then again, we have a very dark house with very few windows which makes it hard to photograph anything even with a dslr! Shooting during the morning or early afternoon is the most practical and allows for the most beautiful light to enter our windows.

4. Flowers/Plants

When I'm babysitting, I don't always have my camera but I typically find myself bored when the kids are entertaining themselves. Of course that is when I notice the most beautiful scenes. I sit as still as possible, hold my breath, and spend the next 15 minutes taking a picture of one flower getting the positioning just right. It's especially wonderful when the image turns out beautiful.

5. Kids

I babysit A LOT. I'm always amused at what the kids are doing and how creative they are. They generally let me take their picture as long as I'm not pushing for a smile. I try to keep it low key and low pressure; I hated having my picture taken as a child (and even now!), and the last thing I want is to push the kids away by taking their picture too often and dictating their play. My cell phone allows me to capture the moments without distracting them. Plus, the middle shot from above was taken when the battery of my camera died; I love it!

What are you most likely to photograph with your cell phone? Do you photograph a little bit of everything or are you very particular? Feel free to share your instagram account in the comments below or follow my instagram account!

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