Five Thoughts About Movies

I decided to take on another blogger challenge and write 5 fun thoughts about movies. (Technically, the challenge was to write facts about me, but I decided to mix it up a bit.)

1. I'm not a Star Wars fan at all, by choice. Up until episode I came out in theatres, I hadn't ever (by choice) seen any of the other movies. My parents took my brother and I to the theatre to see this movie, so I didn't really have much choice in seeing it. My brother, on the other hand who is much younger than I am, had seen all of the movies multiple times. I just refused to watch them and would disappear into my room any time the tapes were put into the VCR. (Yes, I am that old.)

This past week, rather than watching The Haunting Hour or Goosebumps over and over again, Justin and I have been watching Star Wars with the 4 year old. My options have forced me to choose the movies I was never interested in watching. Of course, I attempt to make fun of it the whole way through. I mean - why not? I have popcorn and a chance to see a movie on a big tv; might as well make the best of it! (And neither the 4 year old nor Justin mind too much.)

2. I have recently decided that my favorite Disney princess is Mulan, although I'm not entirely sure she counts as a princess. I love that she is awkward when trying to fit into the women's world and making men fall for her, but she has no qualms about cutting off her hair and going into war in place of her father. I think this type of story speaks to the hearts of young girls in this generation far more than Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast ever did.

(Note: I have not seen Brave.)

3. I am very particular about what movies I see in theatres, because I am so judgemental. I hardly ever come out of the theatre thinking to myself "I'm so glad I wasted $30 and 120 minutes of my life!" It's much nicer to wait on a movie to come out on dvd, rent it for $1, have a popcorn movie night at home with the hubs, and think "I'm glad I didn't waste all of my money and time watching this in theatres!"

The most recent movie I've seen in theatres was The Lego Movie which I found far more enjoyable than I expected. I liked the surprise ending and the moral was great for kids. The only problem I really found with the movie is that I didn't feel like it really practiced the moral it was preaching i.e. being "original". Nevertheless, I was amused by the storyline and impressed by the computer animation even if it was one big (long) commercial.

4. Continuing on the trend of theatres, I only recently learned that my grandmother was the one to pay for my movie nights/afternoons out as a child. Some of my fondest memories were going out to lunch with my grandmother, mom, and brother before going to the theatre and eating popcorn while watching a movie. Now, if I go to the movies, since I go so rarely (once every six months or so), Justin and I always make a point of making it a special night out with popcorn and drinks. It's really a lot of fun and feels like a special treat when we do it. If we can't afford to go all out in theatres, my next favorite thing is going all out at home with homemade popcorn while cuddling up under a blanket watching a movie. In fact, sometimes movie nights in are more fun than movie nights out. :)

5. I don't really care for lots of cursing in movies. I'd much rather see an awesome, positive, uplifting family movie than a movie like The Wolf of Wall Street, which sadly I have attempted to watch and gave up on halfway through. I feel like the use of such things should be reserved for making strong statements. Y'know … statements that are filled with emotion and power. If every other word is a curse word, it loses any emotional quality or strength it may have had in my mind.

What are some of your thoughts on seeing movies? Are you a fan of Cinderella or Star Wars? Do you have any quirks when you go to the theatre? Anything you like to do?

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