Anthropologie Reviews (Feb 2014)

After Friday's post, I was inspired to watch Water for Elephants again (such a beautiful movie!) and pull Catcher In the Rye off the bookshelf (at least until I can get my hands on another desired book!!).

Of course, there was also some major cleaning that took place over the weekend (white bathroom grout ftw?), a few random jobs, going to a local concert, and visiting Anthropologie to make a few returns … You know what happens when I make a few returns, don't you?

It probably doesn't help that they put a bunch of clothing on sale last week.

As you may recall, a few weeks ago, the andrassy dress was on my watch list. I love that the dress flared a bit at the bottom, and the gorgeous green color!!! Yes, this was a dress I could get behind. Until I tried it on. :( The day this dress went on sale last week, I waited to order until Justin got off work. I had approximately 10 things in my basket, and I wanted to talk to him before ordering; Anthropologie is not cheap. When the end of the day finally came, all but one of the items in my cart had sold out including this dress!! So I called Anthropologie and their winning sales associate came through for me! (Love you Anthro!) Within minutes she had me hooked up with the numbers of 3 stores that had this dress in my size (2) in stock! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! Then, it was a waiting game.

But finally, last Thursday night I received this dress in the mail. I was soooo excited to open it that I'm pretty sure I mutilated the box. (Off to recycling it went!) As for the dress … The color was gorgeous (as I have previously mentioned), and the fabric was a dream! It had a lovely thick fabric for the actual dress, and the dress was lined with a silky smooth cottony fabric inside. It was so wonderfully made that I felt like I could practically sleep in it! No scratchy fabrics for Anthro girls!! :) I had ordered the 2 since Anthro reviews on the website recommended I size up. (I usually wear somewhere between a 0-2 and xs/s),

As to the fit, I found the sizing up to be accurate EXCEPT in the area between my chest and my hips (i.e. my stomach). It probably doesn't help that I am short. It is also quite possible that a "petite" version of the dress would have fit me better. Nevertheless, the dress was tight across my hips (adding extra weight to the look in the front) and baggy in my stomach area. It was definitely a fail fit for me. The sides of the dress did look gorgeous though, and made the dress look like it fit wonderfully!

I tried the dress on with the sequined cardigan you see above, but that didn't necessarily help matters. :( For one the cardigan is scratchy. Secondly, the cardigan seemed to overwhelm the dress. Very disappointing.

The dress has already been returned, and I am still debating on the cardigan. It's cute, but can I get past the scratchiness? Will I wear something with that much bling? (The bling could be fun if you have a bright dress for a Christmas/New Years/Valentine's party/date/whatever.)

During my trip of returning the andrassy dress, I decided to check out the sales section "just to see" as I told Justin. Pssh. Yeah, like I would leave Anthro without trying on another million dresses. ;)

The Terrace Sheath was a dress I had been watching since Christmas, so when I saw it was on sale I jumped to try it on. I loved the multiple layers, the brightly colored fabric underneath a beautiful lace exterior, and the bottom of the dress is just adorable. What I found when trying this dress on is that it is adorable … just not on me. I tried the dress on in a size 2, mostly because I didn't want to have to go back to the rack if the dress didn't fit. I think a 2 fit well, but I didn't manage to get the zipper all the way up; it got hung and I was far too lazy to actually figure out (or get the husband's help) to make it go any higher. I guess if I had seen this dress on the model on the Anthropologie website, I probably wouldn't have tried it on to begin with. This dress tries to emphasize curves by pulling in at the waist (which is far too low for my short self!), but it is really more of a dress for straight girls. Plus, the high neckline totally de-emphasizes any amount of chest you may have which inevitably adds weight to your body merely because you are female and have a chest! Perhaps a triangle body shape would work well in this dress? I don't know! Back to the rack it went!

Next up: the Glissade dress!

Thinking it would be a cute winter dress due to the thick fabric and how I imagined it would look with tights, I pulled this dress from the rack. The sale price especially made this dress seem like a good deal! :) Once again, I tried this dress on in a 2, and, once again, the zipper got stuck on me. (It's quite possible that I was feeling exceptionally lazy in the trying-on process Saturday!) Anthro's website suggests that this dress is typically large and you may want to size down. my experience was that the bust was large, the waist was tight, and the fit was all wrong for my body type. (I like higher waisted things, specifically underbust a-line dresses.) The fabric felt nice and thick, but it was a bit scratchy in my opinion. I can't imagine what body type this dress would look best on, but it was definitely not mine! :)

The only item I tried on over the weekend that was not on the sale rack was the Quinby dress. Justin said it reminded him of France. My opinion is that the dress reminds me of flower petals; it is so light and soft – perfect for spring! The fabric quite literally flutters. Think ballet dancer: elegant, light. Can't you imagine this model up on pointe?

And that's how you feel in this dress too.

Ok, well maybe not like a ballet dancer! But it definitely makes you feel elegant, light, and very much ready for spring and summer! This dress feels like it would be comfortable to run around in even on the warmest of days!

I tried this dress on in an xs. While the bustline/waistline goes a little lower than I'd like, overall it does not offend my body too much. I especially love how the model (on Anthro's website) pulls off this dress with a belt! How lovely! :) I think some nice, modest, nude heels would look gorgeous with this dress and create a really feminine look.

*Ahem* Back to sizing. :) The dress is stretchy, so I recommend going with the smallest size you think you can fit into.

Also, if you are particular about where the flowers "fall" on this dress, be sure to pick yours out in the store. Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to this in the store, but others have mentioned it in reviews on Anthro's website.

I definitely recommend this dress for a great spring/summer, low maintenance, fun, light, feminine, romantic-night-out dress. I imagine it would look good on a variety of bodies including straight and curvy. :) But please don't buy them all up before they go on sale! It may be worth the regular price, but I would much rather buy it on sale! :)

One of the last things I tried on was this lovely Ruched Pointelle Cardigan in red and black.

I have to say if you are even somewhat interested in this cardigan, go buy it now! It is so beautiful, soft, and feminine! It is also delicate, but I tend to like things that are delicate-looking. (I just wish it weren't actually delicate fabric!!!) I tried on and bought the s in a regular size. I tend to like cardigans (and tops) that are a bit longer (and perhaps make me look just a bit shorter). I'm weird; I know. I did like how the sweater pulls in a bit at the waist adding to your shape and (at the very least) making you feel skinny.Then, just take a look at the beautiful sleeves! Sooo gorgeous! :) I feel like this sweater is perfect for wearing in between seasons whether paired with a top and jeans or over a casual dress. I'm so glad I discovered them before they sold out! :)

Before I left Anthropologie, I did try on another dress and top which are no longer available on the website. :( Needless to say, I left Anthro feeling like most of their current offerings just aren't for me. Granted there are still a few items I will be keeping an eye on, but overall, I don't feel the need to go in and buy the whole store. (Probably a good thing for my wallet!!)

Is there anything you've got your eye on at Anthro? Did you pick anything up during last week's sale?

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