A Turquoise Home

As I mentioned yesterday, your home is often a reflection of your style which can frequently be seen in the type of clothing you wear.

My style is pretty ornate with lots of turquoise. I specifically like the French style of decorating with very plain white/cream walls with perhaps a bit of ornamentation at the top in the crown molding. I absolutely love when the furniture and curtains stand out as the centerpiece in a room. I'm also a huge fan of combining vintage finds with newer things.

These candles are my absolute favorite color and they remind me a bit of the ocean. They also have sort of an elegant yet down-to-earth vibe about them which I love. I've never done macrame before, but if I could achieve this look with just some string, beads, turquoise candles and vases, I would be a very happy lady! (Plus, most candles with this shade of blue have an oceany smell! Mmm!!)

Wisteria - Louis XVI Dining Chair in aqua

I'm also a bit in love with these beautiful chairs. I love the detail and woodwork on the chairs, and the color is definitely my style. I've been looking for chairs like these to compliment the sofa I got before my wedding many, many moons ago. Unfortunately at $299 (+$75 shipping) a chair, Wisteria can keep their chairs for another year or two. My couch (although a bit beat up and in need of restoration) was only $100!

Target - Threshold 24" Brookline Tufted Counter Stool

Justin had a tall Ikea kitchen table he brought from his apartment when we moved into our rental house that came with super uncomfortable stools. We actually replaced those uncomfortable Ikea stools at Christmas time with clearance stools from Home Depot and we moved the super uncomfortable stools to the bar. As time goes on though, I find myself searching for a replacement for our bar stools. I'd like something that blends in a bit more with our couch that is elegant/refined and not an eye sore. These stools from Target (yes! Target!) are just beautiful and something that I think would be a lovely replacement for our current stools. They look slightly vintage, slightly elegant, and have a bit of the French vibe going on. The only negative would be if someone spilled something!!

Macy's - Arte Italica Dinnerware Merletto Aqua

I had my eye on this dining set from before Justin and I got married. Think about all of it's positive traits - it's turquoise, it's elegant, it's vintage-looking, and it's Italian! I actually already own two dinner plates from the set, and I am saving up my Macy's giftcards in the hopes of getting more. Originally when I spotted this unique dish set it was on some obscure site, so you have no idea how excited I was when Macy's brought the product line to their stores! I frequently receive gift cards for doing surveys for Macy's … and (even better!) they often have sales, promotions, and coupons that allow me to get a piece or two for cheaper than the original cost! Yay!

Kirkland's - Beaded Oval Wall Mirror, 21x31

One of my mom's favorite stores to shop in for discount housewares is Kirkland's, and after I spotted this beautiful mirror, I never again blamed her! I think this would be beautiful in any room. I love the elegant frame. Plus, mirrors have the amazing ability to add width and depth to a room. This mirror at a cost of $29.99 is definitely on my wish list.

Sky Iris - Aqua Couli Throw

This blanket would look absolutely lovely on a couch or in a bedroom! It looks so very soft and perfect for cuddling up. And if you aren't into soft, cuddly things, I think it would at least add a beautiful color to your couch. I've never purchased or heard anything about Sky Iris before, so make sure you are careful if you attempt to purchase from them using paypal and a trusted credit card if you can. (Anybody else notice how expensive blankets are!?!)

Finally, one of my favorite websites, that I never buy from, Layla Grace featured this rug at some point in the past that I just had to pin to my pinterest board. I think it would be lovely in a dining room, living room, or even bedroom space. It's elegant, fun, ornate, and I love the color!

I hope you had as much fun looking through my chosen items as I had picking them out. If you are interested in seeing more turquoise items or if you want to see turquoise rooms (and homes!) be sure to check out the Everything Turquoise shopping blog and House of Turquoise inspiration blog. You never know what you'll find! Plus, just looking at these blogs has such a calming effect on a person…

So are you a turquoise person? Did you know about those blogs? If not, what color person are you?

Have a fantastic Wednesday! The week is already halfway over! Yay!

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