3 Books Anthropologie Tempts Me With

Every time I go into Anthropologie, I make a beeline for the book section, specifically the section where the books are on sale. Anthropologie always chooses the most creative, beautiful books you can imagine to carry in their stores, and it is always oh-so-very-tempting to buy every single book they have available. Unfortunately, for my wallet, that would be a very bad decision. (Perhaps this would not be the case for my bookshelf!) Here is a list of 3 books sold at Anthropologie that I am currently coveting:

I may have looked at this book once or twice in stores a few months ago, but I had actually, for the most part, forgotten about it until I received a guide to Paris from a friend for Christmas. I can't say much about the book since I don't actually own it, but reviews have suggested that the book has stunning architectural photography and that the book is fun for finding those hidden lesser known streets of Paris, places that I would love to explore. This just might be a book I buy at full price since I cannot even imagine going to Paris without it.

The other day Justin was listening to one of my favorite shows on NPR, The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, and she was interviewing Joe Warwick who had compiled a guide of where chefs' favorite restaurants are all over the world. I didn't actually listen to the broadcast with Justin, holding off until today, when I decided to write this post. Justin's immediate knee-jerk reaction was that this may be a great companion book for our trip to Europe. Reviews on Amazon aren't too strong, so we may have to give the book a second look and actually reconsider it. In the mean time, I'm adding the book to my list as one of Anthropologie's most tempting books, if only because of the concept the book was based upon; who doesn't want to eat where chefs eat?

Justin and I were in line to return an item at Anthropologie when this book caught Justin's eye. Girly books rarely catch his eye, so obviously we need to gaze at it for the rest of the time we were in line (which actually was only about 30 seconds). It was inspiring and a bit astonishing to see how real the florals looked, and it was exciting to think that someone had put together a book showing non-crafters and crafters alike how to recreate the beauty of these fantastic pieces of art.

What kinds of books are tempting you today? Are there any books that speak to you in the line up at Anthropologie? Do you have another awesome (perhaps vintage?) bookstore that always has the most perfect book for you or anyone else on your to-buy-for list? Or perhaps you like the deals found on Amazon the best! Share with me! I'd love to hear about awesome books and bookstores I may not be aware of! :)

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