2014 New Years Resolutions

One of the best questions I've been asked recently was "When you look back on 2014, what do you want to see?"

First, Family and Friends:

1. To be honest, all I want right now is the impossible. I want my lost friend back, and I don't want to spend a lot (or to have the need to spend a lot) to get that.

Going even beyond that particular friend, I want uncomplicated friendships. I'm tired of the drama. I don't like being told *how* to behave. Either accept me for who I am or don't. Please leave the drama and the "conditions" out of it; we're not in high school anymore.

And for those friends that aren't dramatic … thank heavens for you. I need as little drama in my life as possible. Hopefully, they feel loved, appreciated, and thought about even if I can only show I care in little ways, occasionally. :)

2. I'm actually pretty happy with the amount of time Justin and I spent with our families this year. I imagine it would be good (and would like) for us to continue to do so in 2014.

Now, Goals:

3. Photography. I want to be good at it. Great. Fantastic. Amazing. Passionate. When you look back at my photos, I want the compositions chosen to be strong and dynamic, the color to be vibrant, and the image to have passion. (Do any of my previous images have passion? Is that even a good goal? Can I achieve that? In a year?)

4. Blog: Redesign? Yes? No? Maybe? I like how simple my blog is to update, but it doesn't have much personality to it. Plus, I feel like I'm still working on the actual content of the blog.

I'd like to take more pictures for the blog.

So perhaps my goal with relation to the blog is to hone in on overall content development. No one likes a poorly written blog with bad pictures.

5. Money: Earn more than we spend. Save more than we have.

6. Travel: There is one travel goal this year and that is to make it to Europe (and back) alive without going into massive debt. Anything else (as in more travel or coming back with excess money), and I will be excruciatingly happy.

7. Health: This is the year, right?! Isn't it always the year? I don't have specific weight loss or healthy eating goals, but if I do it then maybe we can celebrate. :)

8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Clean.

I hate replacing things, because then you always have something extra that just lies around until you get rid of it. This year, I hope we continue to buy more of the things we love and less of the things we only 50% love. I hope we recycle more than we throw away, and sell that which we don't need (and is sellable). I also hope that our house continues to become less cluttered (more decorated is ok) because of it.

Finally, I hope we get better at cleaning. I'm great at moving things around. Justin is superb at not putting things away. Maybe we can get better. Or maybe we need a maid. This will be the year we find out. ;)

What are your new years resolutions?

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