Until the Stars Fall From the Sky: A Lyrics Challenge

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Justin was moving into his own room at his fraternity house and I was helping like the awesome girlfriend I was. The walls had been painted black by the previous tenant, and clearly that just wasn't going to work, so we found ourselves inside on a beautiful autumn day as Justin worked to paint the room a burnt orange color. (Why orange? I have no idea. His favorite color is green. #mindblown)

Anyway, Justin and I (as we usually do) were disagreeing on music. He liked…I don't know…weird music, and I liked everything else. :) (Seriously, it's really hard to find music I don't like.) I had given up fighting (which is rare for me), and we ended up listening to The Arctic Monkey's.  Honestly it's been so long since I've heard anything by them that I couldn't tell you if the music has since grown on me. (It probably has.) Nevertheless, my ears were going numb from the so-called noise I was being forced to listen to as a black room was slowly changing into orange.

Then! A song came on that didn't make me want to plug my ears. It was a song that was cute, playful, fun and very much oldies. I was in love. Immediately I had to stop and ask "Who is that? What song is that?"

Baby I'm yours
And I'll be yours until the stars fall from the sky
Yours until the rivers all run dry
In other words, until I die 
Baby I'm yours
And I'll be yours until the sun no longer shines
Yours until the poets run out of rhyme
In other words, until the end of time 
I'm gonna stay right here, by your side
Do my best to keep you satisfied
Nothin' in this world could drive me away
'Cause everyday you'll hear me say 
Baby I'm yours
And I'll be yours until two and two is three
Yours until the mountains crumble to the sea
In other words, until eternity. 

The song, "Baby I'm Yours" by the Arctic Monkeys quickly became "our song". He liked that I liked a song he had on his playlist, and I liked that he had a song as cute as that on his playlist. (Okay, so I'm pretty sure the song originated in 1965 or so long before the Arctic Monkeys were even born, but still!)

Years later Justin still finds the most random times to catch me by surprise with this song. For example, last year he had set his phone up to work with itunes on his laptop, and as he was leaving the driveway all of a sudden this song starts playing over the speakers. It took me a good 30 seconds to realize why a song had just all of a sudden come on the radio, because sometimes I am that slow. :)

Mostly this song just reminds me quite a bit of our time out and about at night while we were dating (and even now!). There is something so romantic about going to the lake at night and sitting on the dock, or looking up at the stars, or sitting on the front porch together. You just never want it to end. :)

What does this song make you think of? Have you ever heard it before?

**This post is part of The Daily October Challenge. Visit Secret Obsession's blog to find out more and join in! :)

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  1. Ooohh so many new songs! :) I've never heard of the Arctic Monkeys but they're good! Such a romantic couple! :)


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