That One Life Defining Moment

While today's challenge is to think of a moment when your life took a turn, I'm having a bit of a hard time thinking of one distinct moment. Here are three, and these three are only the tip of the iceberg.

1. I met Justin initially in 4th grade. I wanted nothing to do with him. (Heck! I didn't want anything to do with him in high school!) How was I to know that someday I would marry him? (It's always the ones you least expect!)

2. I took German in 9th grade instead of French, because my best friend, at the time, was also taking German. If I hadn't decided to take German, would I have ever spoken to a German guy in a chatroom with whom I'm still friends with? Maybe … Maybe not. (To make things a bit more complicated, if I hadn't taken orchestra, I wouldn't have met the friend who encouraged me to take German.)

3. In college, I was told to create a timeline of all of the things that I remembered doing as far back as I could remember and that that would tell me where my future should lie. On my timeline I had art projects, spending time with children, reading, writing, and church events. From that list, I knew what I wanted to major in.

I know this post is short and to the point, but as you can see, just based on my 3 life-changing events, every single decision I have ever made has led to every other decision I've made. I don't think my life has ever taken a turn per-se. My life just keeps going in the direction I am… :) There has been no single life-changing moment. Even the 3 I've mentioned aren't the end of the story!

Has your life ever had a major turning point? One moment that has made you who you are?

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