Discovering Atlanta + Stamps Unlimited Review

Since Friday was Justin's last official "half day of work Friday", we decided to explore the city a bit. We wanted to go to places we couldn't go to during the work week, and we found ourselves in a few surprising (and exciting) places as well.

Remember my desperate search for vintage stamps for the wedding invitations? After months and months of searching (and feeling like the stamp expo in January 2012 was cutting it a bit too close to wedding time), I discovered Stamps Unlimited on Peachtree Street. If you haven't ever been there (which I imagine most people haven't), it is truly a thrilling place to go. A bit difficult to find (and very difficult to find parking for), you more or less have to get out of your car and walk to 100 Peachtree Street into an office building.

Justin and I decided to go through the owner's box of "worthless" stamps; these stamps are only worth the printed price on the stamp and thus no use to collectors. Oh my goodness did we have a lot of fun doing that! All of the stamps in the box were 30% off meaning that when we send letters using those stamps we are getting approximately a 30% discount on using USPS! Woo! Plus, all of the fun stamps make sending letters fun. (You definitely have to work your math skills though in counting the stamp values.) Even Justin enjoyed going through the stamps and finding ones specific to science ... that I will never ever want to use because they are all ugly. ;)

Plus the view from the 14th floor...

After spending approximately 2 hours in Stamps Unlimited looking through stamps, Justin and I decided to venture out and explore the city.

We started at the Omni taking in the sites (view) there...

Then we moved on to Centennial Olympic Park where we bought a King of Pops popsicle ... raspberry lime to be exact. It was delicious. :)

no picture. :(

And finally we ended up at the Westin's Sun Dial restaurant sipping fancy drinks while taking in fantastic views of the city. (It was the day before Justin's birthday, so we had an excuse!!)

yummy drink with 4 different fruits!

fantastic view

While I am sad that summer is officially over (and that the hot weather will probably stick around for another month or two), I had a lot of fun exploring the city with Justin on his last half day of work. :)

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