A Mini Trip to Chattanooga TN

I feel bad that today is the last day of Blogtember and I am sharing sidewalk art from Chattanooga TN rather than an old picture, but I comfort myself in the knowledge that this small city at the border of Georgia and Tennessee was a place I visited a number of times as a child on school trips and family vacations. 

Chattaminions in Coolidge Park

Dance(?) steps on Frazier Ave.

While I can't say I am particularly familiar with this area despite how frequently I have been, Justin and I definitely got reacquainted with the city streets walking along Market Street across the John Ross Bridge up Frazier Avenue, back across the pedestrian friendly Walnut Street Bridge and back E 3rd Street (or the Tennessee Riverwalk on our second time around). We arrived in Chattanooga around 3PM and did not leave until 10PM after the sun had set and I was able to take a few nighttime shots.

It was nice being able to venture back to our old stomping ground from childhood and recount the memories of a school trip to the aquarium and playing in the river nearby. Finding new and exciting artwork and treasures along the streets including a drawing of minions and a series of dance steps leading to a kiss (as pictured above) made our Sunday just a bit more exciting than what we had anticipated. (Why are so many of the restaurants closed on Sunday?! Come on now!)

One of the more exciting things we did was to get ice cream from The Ice Cream Show. A bit expensive, you picked your flavor of ice cream or yogurt (just vanilla or chocolate) and whatever toppings you wanted on or in the ice cream. Justin and I got vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, oreo, and strawberry toppings inside a waffle cup. (I have issues with cones.)

Overall we had a delightful Sunday, and we are already planning yet another short trip up there soon. (The goal from the last trip being a visit to Cloudland Canyon State Park, which obviously didn't happen.)

Did we miss anything exciting in Chattanooga that we should do or see next time? Do you know who the artist behind the dance steps on Frazier Avenue was? Most importantly, where should one go for an awesome sunset/sunrise picture? I am dying to know! :)

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