Weekend Overview

The above shot makes me feel like Atlanta isn't always rainy. (Plus, you can see the new ferris wheel, Skyview!)

We had a bit of a crazy weekend. Apparently planning trips abroad can keep you a bit busy.

I managed to move up our appointment to get a passport to this Friday which meant I needed to fill out the applications, find Justin's birth certificate (which he didn't actually have), and get everything else in order (and settled away) for that. (You have to go to the Vital Records office if you lose your birth certificate, and even then they will only give you a copy.)

Then I started the application process for Global Entry. For future reference, you need a passport number to apply. You can register and start the application, but you cannot complete it until you have a passport number. Who knew? (I thought I read on a blog that you didn't have to have your passport. They were wrong.)

Justin got his ipad set up for wifi and using his phone as a hot spot. (Not sure how this will help us when traveling, but it's nice to know anyway.)

Then there was the shopping. While most people don't wear flip flops in NYC, I did. Having done so, I got tons of junk in the bottom of it (think road debris and construction) causing the shoe to fail prematurely. I'm not willing to pay more than a few dollars for flip flops, so off to Kohls we went after noticing a $7 shipping fee. (No, thank you.) We used the Kiosk when they didn't have my size in stock to get free shipping! Yay!!

We also bought a $4 (normally $40) ipad mini case on Amazon with free 2 day shipping. When we get it, I'll review the company so you can get the awesome deal too (assuming it is awesome).

So that was our weekend: a party, travel preparation, shopping, rain, and all!

Keep an eye on the blog. Tomorrow I'm hoping to post one of my favorite recipes and a very short 2 day giveaway. I don't want you to miss it! :)

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