See that fish looking at you?

That's how I feel today. I haven't slept well in the past few nights. Clearly my body just likes starting the day at 3AM. :(

Yep. That must be it. Plus, I am very excited that I'll get to announce the winners of the Purex fabric softener sheets giveaway today (or in the very near future)! (Make sure you get your comments in!) Yay! :)

And if you are into photography as much as I am, you might also be happy to know that Lindsay Adler is going to be back on Creative Live again today. (She was there Monday and Tuesday as well with an awesome session on shooting in bad lighting.)

Here are a few more bullet points and fun facts about my life and the world in general:
  • I just finished reading Julie Powell's Julie & Julia and it was an awesomely fun read making me super excited about Julia Child recipes I had no interest in before. Whether I actually convince Justin to make them and whether or not I actually eat them are a whole different story. (Just not sure I can wrap my head around consuming duck...)
  • Alton Brown's pot roast recipe is AMAZING. You simply have to try it.
  • Where were these awesome polaroid magnet save-the-dates when I needed them? I'll admit vintage postcards was totally fun and something I would love to try again, but polaroid magnets are also pretty awesome. I will have to DIY these sometime soon. (Too expensive for me to buy when I know how to make them without help. The envelopes that come with them are super cute and almost convincing enough to fork over a few bucks though!)
  • Did you know that if you want to use GOES (Global Entry for travel) you have to sign up way far in advance because they have a backlog for interviews? Yeah, I didn't either. I will be signing up asap. Here are a few other interesting facts about GOES for those of you traveling in the near future.
  • I also was unaware until recently that you have to call specific post offices and make an appointment during their office hours in order to get a passport. Call me crazy, but I thought you could just walk into any old post office. Now Justin and I have to wait one more month to get our passports. GRRR!!! (And not as in Tony the Tiger's Grrrr. . .eeeeaaaatttt!!)

Hope your week is going well! Only 2 more days!

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