Labor Day Weekend: The End of Summer

Labor Day weekend signals the beginning of the end of summer. While I am looking forward to cooler days, the changing of the leaves, and all things autumn, there are definitely some things that are 'distinctly summer' that I will miss.

1. Vacation & The Beach -- Specifically going to Charleston. If you live in the south and you don't like Florida, Charleston is the place to go. There is no place more Southern with beautiful beaches and city night life that is better than Charleston. (Jacksonville, FL comes close.)

2. The Lake -- Here in Georgia, we go to Lake Lanier. In Charleston, the harbor is my ideal place to go. Then there is Fall River in Boston that has now also won over my heart. Nothing quite makes a summer night a summer night like one spent sitting on a dock with stars overhead, friends and family nearby, and a party going on with really loud music that you aren't attending ... except maybe if you had a cup of Starbucks in hand. Relaxing, romantic (depending on company, obviously), and beautiful. sigh. :)

3. Sitting on the Front Porch -- If you've ever seen The Notebook, I think you understand what a southern summer is all about. There is something particularly special about sitting on the front porch (usually with a glass of sweet tea or lemonade) and enjoying the people you are with. Bonus points if a porch swing is involved. Trust me, you can solve all of life's problems on the front porch. ;)

4. Star-Gazing, Watching Planes Take Off at night, Fireworks -- I totally love sitting with Justin staring up at the sky no matter what we're doing (and not just because he's my husband!!). It's just more comfortable doing those things during the summer.

5. Summer Rain -- Nothing quite compares ... especially with a good book in hand.

6. Drive-In Movies -- Umm yeah ... they are just awesome.

See more of my summer favorites here.

What will you miss as Fall approaches?

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