Free People Reviews

As part of a survey recently,  I was asked to come up with an outfit combination I would like to wear to a summer concert. I loved my outfit combination so much that I wanted to share here. :)

Don't you think this outfit would be super comfortable at a concert? Now I just need to convince Justin that the Free People Viscose Convertible Slip and Kelsey Braided Sandal would rock my world (even without a concert to go to!). :)

Since I had a return to make to the Free People store last weekend, Justin let me try on a few things while we were there. I thought I'd take a bit of time to review them.

One of the dresses I tried on was the Like A Virgin Dress. As you'd see in the comments sections, this dress does make you feel a bit like a princess with the beautiful lace and the gorgeous blue color. I tried on the only blue dress that had left in the store in a size small. When that didn't fit, I moved on to a black version of this dress in a size extra small. Unfortunately, the extra small didn't fit either. :( So you may be out of luck for buying this dress in a size that fits if your waist size is between 24 (or smaller) - 27 inches.

I do have to say that this dress was so lovely that I really tried to convince myself and Justin that a belt might make it work. While they didn't have one in stores, I would definitely be willing to give it a shot. The only sad thing is that with a belt you may cover up the gorgeous underbust detailing which is definitely a perk of this dress. :(

If you have the body for it, I definitely recommend trying this dress on. Unfortunately for me, it was back to the rack. (Free People, could you please make this dress in an extra extra small?! Please?!)

Justin thought the Sunset Stripe Slip would look cute on me, so I tried it on. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I HATED it. First of all, I am not a stripe person. I have one dress with stripes on it, and that is it. I avoid them at all cost. Secondly, this dress is super thin. I knew that going into the dressing room to try it on, but I want to make sure you know as well. Obviously it is a slip, but not all of Free People's slips act as slips, so you may have thought it was a dress. (It may look like a duck and quack like a duck, but that doesn't make it a duck.) I do love the bottom of the slip, but the middle seam in the waist area (which you can't see due to the model's strategically placed hand) is ICK! :(

See? Yeah, I didn't like it too much. That, along with the seam that goes right down the middle of the dress. I might could have gotten past all of that if I had a top to wear over it (and wear the dress as skirt). As of that particular day (and even today!) I can't think of anything I have to wear over it.

While I might consider the ill fitting Like A Virgin Dress come sale day, I have a feeling I will not be thinking twice about the Sunset Stripe Slip. Now if only I could convince Free People to have sales more often...

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