Rain, Rain Go Away

Apparently, the area I live in is looking to have cloudy weather and rain for the next week. :( Yuck.

The dreary weather may have kept Justin and I inside over the weekend, but it did not keep us from staying busy.

From making curtains to doing laundry, we finally feel like we are coming to the end of our preparations. Next weekend we intend on bringing the bed down and all that is involved, including washing sheets and blankets for the spare bedroom before making the bed. Yuck. (I may hate laundry next week.)

Then on top of our preparations, despite recent bug spraying and having our bug guy come and spray, we still spotted a roach hanging out in our cabinetry with the plates and cups. Yuck. Bugs in the kitchen = my worst nightmare. Justin used what little left over spray we had in the cabinetry after emptying it, but now I'm afraid to put our freshly washed cups and plates up, because I don't want a disgusting cockroach potentially walking on my dinnerware without my knowing. (I know I have issues; I fear what may or may not happen.) We also put roach traps out. I can't really complain though, since we haven't really had bug problems in nearly a year. With spring and rain, it was inevitable. The best we can do is make our house as inhospitable to bugs as possible and hope for the best.

Justin's sister came by for a visit last night after a job interview eventually leading to her becoming our very first house guest. Obviously, we did not have a bed, but it was nice to offer her about a bazillion blankets and pillows to set up on the floor. (With Justin getting up super early, we decided the couch was not the best place for her to sleep.) We shared some delicious chocolate covered Ikea marshmallows with her, and we stayed up entirely too late enjoying her company. This morning, even though Justin was gone, she and I got to go to a late morning breakfast/brunch before she left giving us time to talk and roam through the city.

Unfortunately, that meant very little time for blogging this morning, but do keep your eyes peeled later this week for my Michael Bublé To Be Loved cd review. (I can't wait to review it!) Hope your day is looking a bit less dreary than mine! Happy Monday!

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