Life With Furniture

When Justin and I got up on Saturday morning, we headed off to Dalton, GA to pick up the Karastan carpet we had bought and bound into a beautifully soft, turquoise rug. It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the 70s, and as we drove further and further north, Justin got the great idea to just go on to Chattanooga, TN. What the heck? Why not?

That's what we did. And actually, that's what I thought today's post was going to be about. I was going to tell you about all of the great things we did in Chattanooga.

Luckily, or unluckily, we found ourselves roaming through a few thrift and antique stores emerging with nothing to show for it. We considered visiting an arts festival, but we decided the cost outweighed our interest. Plus, we knew a large furniture purchase loomed ahead. Eek!

So, hesitantly, we turned back toward GA and returned to Dalton just in time to pick up our beautiful new rug and head home.

On the way home, I was quite excited to pick up an 8x12 version of this:

image by Darwin Young; cropped & edited by me

I had actually ordered it via Costco's website on my phone while we were driving up to TN. I'm quite happy with the image since it was initially a pretty dark muted picture before I took the time to edit it. I wish I could get it printed larger than 8x12, but considering I began with a jpg, I'm afraid this may be the largest size I can get.

This leads us to Sunday... a very rainy, oh-shoot-we-have-guests-coming-over-and-we're-washing-the-sheets-and-moving-furniture-into-the-house Sunday! Yes, we moved furniture into the house on Sunday, because... we went out Sunday morning and bought furniture!

We may be $1000 or more broker this month than we were last month, but we now officially have a a dining room console (as opposed to a dining room server or china cabinet) and an Ikea dresser for the spare bedroom. (Ok, so maybe we only have the parts for the dresser. The spare bedroom is a mess right now, and we bought the dresser at 7PM on Sunday night which is a bit too late to ask someone to build it for you.) We also have a really pretty stand-alone mirror for our master bedroom. (It needs to be painted to match the room, but, right now, who's looking?!)

Because of all of the furniture purchases yesterday and the heavy lifting involved, Justin was in a pretty bad mood. Luckily, before going to bed, he cheered up quite nicely and commented to me that, with all of the new furniture in the house, he finally feels like he's at home. He said he had never prioritized buying furniture before, but he is glad we did.

We have already noticed a huge difference in the kitchen. We've been able to store a complete set of China, our nice steak knives (given to us for our anniversary from Justin's parents), our "nice" Oneida silverware, and even serving platters given to us for our wedding in our new dining room console. (I guess I should explain that it was originally sold as a living room console for the tv and such, but we thought it would make a great dining room piece.) The amount of space this adds to our usable kitchen area is astounding! It makes me all the more excited to put together our spare bedroom dresser with new hideaways for craft and sewing supplies as well as spare sheets, blankets, and towels for when we have guests. We are (or at least I am) so looking forward to having a guest-friendly house!

This is the point where I tell you that new furniture, when you don't have any furniture, is amazing. Now Justin and I must get back to saving, saving, saving... :)

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