Life Update

Yesterday and Tuesday I shared a financial update, so today I am going to share a life update.

First of all, I would like to encourage all of my female readers to start taking some sort of calcium vitamin. I actually just started this past week after a trip to Costco in which we picked up something ridiculous like 200 vitamins. (Justin is taking them too.) My grandmother recently fell and broke her hip which seemed like a good reason for me to start being more concerned about my own health. Osteoporoses can find anyone at any time, and I can say with almost absolute certainty that I do not get nearly the calcium my bones deserve. Luckily for me (and my inability to swallow "horse" pills) VitaFusion offers a gummy calcium vitamin making it easy to take. Unfortunately, gummy vitamins don't exactly taste like candy, but sometimes you just take what you can get. :)

In other news, Justin and I are both tracking our weight (and food) using a program called MyFitnessPal. Justin has already lost 10 pounds! I saw a sign yesterday that read "Never trust a skinny cook"; I think I may have to buy it. ;) We are both trying to find ways to eat healthier. I'm loving that Justin knows how to cook, because I feel like I am eating more fruits and vegetables and less over processed food including fewer preservatives. Our garden has already produced a number of tomatoes, and I am impatiently waiting for the other fruits to start growing.

Considering Justin and I have a lot of traveling coming up, I decided to check into Travel Hacking Cartel. All of the reviews I read were amazing; people really seemed to love the product. Unfortunately, I think I may be canceling before the free trial ends. I know there are ways to travel cheaply, but signing up for tons of credit cards when you have credit card debt seems like a bad plan. For one, I don't think Justin's credit is good enough (and I don't have credit). Secondly, if Justin's credit isn't good enough, signing up for credit cards will only make it worse! :( So now I am researching all that I can in the hopes of finding ways to reduce the cost of traveling.

Last but not least, Justin and I will be attacking our spare bedroom in full force this weekend. He already has plans to build our Ikea dresser tonight. Along with building the dresser, we are also planning on sifting through more of our junk, working on curtains for the spare bedroom, and who knows what else? Once we get started going through stuff, I never know exactly what will happen.

Are you making any life improvements this spring? Or what I would really love to hear: do you have any cheap travel tips that don't require credit card sign ups?

Hope you all have a fantastic and successful weekend!

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