Financially Stoked

I know, I know, I already made a finances post earlier this week, but you know what? I didn't realize our finances would take a turn for the better.

I guess I should have expected it. When Justin told me that the tax money had come in, he only had $130 in his checking account. We both knew $100 was already being used to pay a bill. (One bill. Crazy, right?) With only $30 available in his checking account, he asked if we could leave the money we received for taxes in his checking account too until he received his next pay check. . . approximately one week later. My first inclination was that we may need the money. Getting through a week on $30 is. . . difficult to say the least. However, Justin and I had a financial plan when we started the month, and by gosh I was going to stick to it. I told Justin that clearly the money needed to go exactly where we had said it was going to go, because otherwise we would spend it.

To say that we didn't spend any of it is a lie. Once my debit card was cancelled, we had very little financial wiggle room. It made us more conscious about where our money was going, but we still had things that had to get done.

The good news is that because of our decision to move the tax money straight to our credit card in an effort to pay it off, we currently (as of this moment) have more in checking and savings accounts then we owe in credit cards! I must admit I'm pretty stoked. Obviously I'm not stoked enough to go spend it all though! Heck, I'm not even stoked enough to pay off the remaining credit card debt and have nothing left over in our accounts. If I did that, I'm pretty sure my car would break down, one of us would get really sick, and the world would basically crumble beneath our feet as we got more and more into debt with no way of getting out ever. (I am a very optimistic person. Can't you tell?)

To top it off, I've been concerned for months and months that I wouldn't have a consistently paying summer job. Well, today I got an offer for exactly that -- a consistently paying summer job!

So today I find myself on a financial high and happy to share that news with my readers.

Hope you all are also having a good day! One more day until Friday! :)

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