Finances. . . Schminances!

What a month!

It's only halfway through, and I feel like finances are overwhelming my life!

Beyond spending a ton on furniture, last night, on a whim, I cancelled my debit cards. When I went to check my balance, I saw a pending atm transaction that was almost the entire amount in my checking account. Considering I hadn't withdrawn anything recently, I became a bit concerned. With the bank being closed, my only option was to call and cancel my cards. . . Then, guess what? The pending atm transaction was some sort of screw up at my bank. I had just cancelled my cards for no reason. Now I have to wait a month to have access to my accounts again! :( Oh well. I guess that means I get to save my money rather than spend it for the next month. This is certainly not a bad problem to have.

Luckily, Justin and I have had a lot of income coming in on his side of the financial fence. We received enough back in income tax to almost completely pay off a credit card. YAY!! By next month, if everything goes as planned, we will only have one credit card balance. Then, on top of that, Justin gets paid tomorrow. Granted all of that money is already spoken for. Apparently we need gas, food, and to pay rent. It's unfortunate; I'd rather keep all of the money to myself. :)

Oh well. Other than the above, finances are going as expected this month.

Speaking of income taxes, did anyone take advantage of the many freebies yesterday?

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