Cooking Up A Storm

As I'm sure you have deduced by now, Justin and I love to cook. Okay, let me rephrase that: Justin loves to cook, and I love to challenge him by picking out new recipes and taste-testing. (I am a very picky taste-tester, and I don't keep my opinions to myself.)

Over Easter weekend, we decided to check out a restaurant supply store that we hadn't been to since before our wedding. We quit going when we discovered it was not open to the public. Since then, however, one of Justin's friends got a business license and gave Justin a card to go to the restaurant supply store whenever we want. YAY!

We had soooo much fun in there! Granted, I'm not a chef, but I definitely like shopping. I like looking at the different items available and seeing how much money we can save in comparison to typical grocery store or kitchen supply store. We had forgotten that there was a refrigerated section containing large amounts of meat, cheese, fruits, and vegetables. In fact after discovering this section and talking with our parents, we have decided that for the 4th of July we will probably plan a rib dinner and get our meat from there, splitting the cost and enjoying the meal as a family. (I'm so lucky that mine and Justin's parents not only get along, but they also enjoy spending time together! It makes me happy.)

After spending an hour in the restaurant supply store and emerging with what I considered to be $80 worth of grocery store food for approximately $25, Justin and I also went exploring a few furniture stores in the area before returning home and beginning the process of Easter cooking. (Although I should mention that it took quite a few Asian grocery stores to find Agar-Agar for one of the desserts we made.)

When we returned home with candy, strawberries, limes, etc, etc... Justin got to work cooking. He began with a French sponge cake that had strawberry mousse on top. After attempting to make the recipe using the wrong cooking supplies and having strawberry mousse go everywhere, we set out to find (and obtain) a pan with a push out bottom. Luckily, the second time, with the right cooking supplies, it worked like a charm! (We later topped our strawberry mousse cake with freshly made whipped cream and strawberries.)

Next we moved on to meringues -- wonderful, delicious tiffany blue meringues. I had Justin only make a cookie sheet worth of meringues because I was certain other desserts would be eaten first. I was wrong. Apparently everyone likes meringues!

With so many strawberries left over and having bought so many limes, Justin decided it might be fun to make a sorbet. It was very interesting and gave us one new flavor to eat after Easter dinner. It was extremely tart with more of a lime flavor than strawberry, but everyone seemed to like it. Next time he makes it, I will probably see if he can add a bit more sugar. I love tart, sour things, but it made the sorbet hard to eat.

Finally Justin ended the night with the creation of 4 loaves of bread. Yum! There is nothing quite like going to sleep in a house with the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through the air. (It definitely makes you excited to wake up in the morning!)

So, in essence, that was our Easter bake-a-thon. We also brought some field greens, tomato, and cheese for a salad, and Justin made a homemade vinaigrette (as he always does).

Easter was delightful and we were shocked at how much was eaten. I think approximately half of the total food was gone by the end of the day including both actual food as well as desserts. Obviously the most important part of the day, however, was the celebration of the rise of Christ, and spending time with our beloved family.

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