BuyTrends Part 3

My dealings with this company never seem to end!

After three months of waiting, one piece out of four that were ordered from BuyTrends finally arrived at my doorstep. (Technically it arrived at the post office, and Justin went to pick it up.)

I knew I was in for a surprise, but I was certainly hoping for a good surprise.

If you want to hear positive things just bypass this entire post.

The truth:

You pay for what you get. . .or less than what you expected.  First of all, take a look at the button. Now, look at the other side of the cardigan. What do you not see? What is missing? . . . How about a button hole? Yes, if you intend on ever buttoning this cardigan, you will either need to have it altered or. . . wear it in your dreams.  Otherwise, that button hole is just not going to appear.

Then, the so-called "cardigan" isn't really a cardigan. No! The shirt and cardigan are a single piece. Why?! I knew this top was made cheaply and I figured it might come like this, but still I ask why?!

The top fits absolutely terribly. It is too big in the chest and too tight (for my tastes) in the stomach. It is not flattering at all! On top of that, the sleeves are too small! I'm not a long armed person, so this really surprised me. 

Overall, the fabric is decent. It's soft enough. No complaints there. Thin of course, but that's what you expect from cheaper fabric.

The packaging the shirt came in wasn't incredibly professional at all, but, rather, it looked like someone on ebay was sending it to you. I thought I ordered from a company not an individual!

I will give BuyTrends kudos for trying. The colors are right, the general style is right, and they did eventually send me one of the products I ordered. Will I ever order from them again? It's not looking too good. I much prefer ordering from JShoppers where I know I will receive something that looks exactly like the image within a week of ordering. It costs more, but I am guaranteed to like what I am getting.

Since I know some of you ordered some things from BuyTrends after my original post here, I'd love to hear how things are working out for you. Did you eventually get your order? Did you get a refund from your credit card/paypal? Are you happy?


  1. Thank you for the heads up. I think I will pass.

  2. I am so happy I found your blog!! I had a cart worth of $200 of items from this site but I wanted to find some reviews first. As cute as everything looks, I guess I will not be placing my order... sigh...

  3. Thank you! I also had over 100 dollars but decided to check reviews first. This has been really helpful!


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