February 2013 Instagram

I can hardly believe that it is the last day of February 2013!

This has been quite a month! A super busy one at that!

We spent the month:
- spending time at Intermezzo with one of Justin's friends, Omar, who visited with us during his trip from CA
- spending time with Justin's friends from Slovakia and having our first dinner party
- babysitting a 3-yr-old during Valentine's Day week
- the heat going out in our house
- the transmission in my car acting up... to my car not starting... to it being completely fine (??)
- the president visiting our "small" town
- my computer hard drive (and back up) hating on me
- making cupcakes that failed... then making an amazing cake
- meeting up with our high school German teacher
- ending the month with Photoshop Week with CreativeLive (which has been amazing and SUPER HELPFUL!)

So what did you do this month? Were you as crazy busy as me? :)

Free People Clothing Review 2/27/13

I'm still going back and forth between two computers, and it is oh-so-frustrating! Maybe next week will be back to normal?

In the mean time, I went to Free People yesterday, and I thought I would share my clothing reviews. I don't know if it actually helps anyone, but I always like seeing reviews of clothing, specifically before ordering online. You always wonder how the clothing will fit, and when someone has provided a review it is very helpful! I didn't try all of these Free People items on in the Free People store; I tried a few on at Belk and Von Maur too.

Justin had been trying to get me to try on the In and Out Ditsy Florals Slip since we first saw it at Von Maur about a month ago. I always refused, because it's not really my style. I did finally try it on this past weekend though, because I thought I might be able to wear a sweater over it and make it look really cute. End result? No. First of all, the slip is actually pretty loose. I also didn't like the way the triangles worked on my body type. They ended up making me looking fat rather than elongating the body like I presume they are meant to do. Overall, it just didn't work for me, and I put it back.

I also tried on the Winter's Child Cardigan, because I loved the idea of a long, warm sweater to wear over a shirt and jeans or even with a dress. The sweater looked really warm and reminded me of something you would wear in the snow. When I tried it on, Justin complained that it was too bulky on me. I didn't mind the bulkiness so much, but I did have an issue with the line that goes right down the middle of the back. With the sweater on and unhooked in the front, the front sides hung a good inch or two longer in the front than in the back. It has two awesome little pockets in the front, but don't expect them to hold much. This sweater is super soft, but I ended up putting it back.

One of the most fun dresses that I tried on was a black version of the Daisy Lace Dress. The dress comes with a slip that fits tightly underneath the dress while the dress itself fits loosely. On my short body, the dress ended right above my knees. It was so much fun to wear over a pair of jeans. It feels really casual and yet... not so much. If I could change anything, I might change the rounded neck. On the model the neck goes fairly low, but on me the neck was higher than expected. Furthermore, the simplicity of the neck makes the dress look a bit like a nightgown which is not really what you want to feel like you are wearing out in public. However, like a nightgown, the fabric is super lightweight, thin, and very soft. If you remove the slip, I definitely think it could be a nice dress to wear over a swimsuit during spring break. While I personally would not buy this dress at full price, I do think it is a fun and casual dress.

Finally, the last piece I tried on was the Pieced Lace Tunic Slip. One warning: I tried on the small and it was falling off of me. Granted I am usually a small or extra small, but I just don't think this slip fits that well. I definitely recommend sizing down. However, the bottom of the slip is GORGEOUS! I did not buy the slip, because I don't own any shirts or sweaters to wear over the slip. (Plus, they didn't have my size!) The slip comes in two other colors, rose and nude, but I think the raspberry color shown above is one of the most easy to wear and pair with tops.

So anyway, those are some of the things currently available at Free People. Despite my love for the flowy, bohemian look that Free People clothing exerts I rarely find anything that really shouts "buy me!" Plus, I hate how hard it is to find Free People clothing that I see online in stores. So, here is my shout out to Free People to stock bigger and fuller stores in the Atlanta area! Please?

I hope all of my readers are having a fantastic Wednesday!

Photoshoppers Unite!

Okay, I'm just going to admit it.

I LOVE Photoshop!

The reason my blog post is coming so late today is because I stayed up late last night trying to catch the rebroadcast of the livestream of Creative Live's Photoshop Week.

Yesterday's photoshop classes were done by Lindsay Adler, Dave Cross, and Kara Plicanic.

I honestly never expected myself to get so into watching these classes. I ordered an online class a long time ago by a children's photographer that I have since forgotten the name of, and her class was nothing compared to the classes currently being offered on Creative Live.

Lindsay Adler went crazy in depth talking about every aspect of portraiture that I could ever imagine. Her class taught me things I didn't know (and I know A LOT about Photoshop, so that was IMPRESSIVE!). Then later I was able to watch Dave Cross talk about making Photoshop more efficient for you (me?) as well as Kara Plicanic talk about Photoshop brushes and fonts. (Ok, so I didn't really watch Kara talk about these things, but I am certain she offered a lot of incite!)

So, while I know Photoshop and photography are not my normal discussion topics for this blog, I have to encourage you to go check out Creative Live's Photoshop Week.

Classes this week begin at 9AM PST and usually last about an hour and a half with a 45 minute lunch break in between every 2 classes. Classes this week are free on Creative Live (WOO!) and they re-air approximately twice following their first live airing. (I think the first re-airing begins at 6PM PST.) All 40 of the classes together, from all 13 artists, cost approximately $299 this week if you choose to buy them (or $20 a class).

So, yeah... just go check out the free classes! If you love photoshop, you won't regret it!

Swagbucks Birthday!

Have you heard about Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is an awesome way to earn points toward... who knows what! I like to use my swagbucks for Amazon giftcards.

You can earn swagbucks** by following them on twitter, Facebook, searching the internet via the Swagbucks website, completing surveys on their page, playing games, watching videos, and more!

Sounds easy, right?!

It is!

But guess what?

Today is Swagbucks 5th birthday, so they are giving out even more codes than usual today!

I definitely encourage checking them out to earn free gift cards! It's free! I don't think you will regret it!

* I am using a referral link, but I am not getting paid or receiving any benefit whatsoever for making this post.
** I personally love to check out Swagcode Spoilers to find the latest codes.

Getting Hard Drives Restored

If you have been following my blog the past two weeks, I'm sure you are aware of the hard drive problems I have been having. First my laptop's hard drive failed (i.e. it started the clicking sound that indicates "death") then when I agreed to give up 4 months of my life by having Applecare replace the hard drive for free, my back up hard drive failed. It's not dead mechanically, but it is definitely corrupted.

Since Justin, who is a computer engineer and worked as an IT person, is very busy with his job, we decided it might be best to take my laptop to a professional. Onyx, a business specializing in data recovery in the Atlanta area, was recommended to us by Apple, so we thought we would give them a try. While they were able to handle all of my Applecare issues (by sending my laptop out to the Apple depot in Tennessee), when I took my back up hard drive to them, I was impressed by how little they were actually capable of doing!

I understand that Justin and I are more familiar with computers and software than the average user, but when I take my laptop somewhere, I don't want to pay them to do what I could do from home. At that point, why don't I just pay myself? I can find data recovery software to try just as easily as they can!

So yes, I brought my back up drive, which is a MyPassport drive by Western Digital, to Onyx only to have them plug the drive in and see that it said it was "unreadable". They handed it back and said they couldn't do anything with it. Umm... if it were "readable", I wouldn't have brought it in!

Needless to say, Justin had recently bought a program called "Data Rescue 3" which was actually pretty useful. I was not able to recover all of my files (or even half), but I was able to recover some. We are still working to figure out how Time Machine back ups work and if anything backed up by Time Machine is recoverable despite being corrupted. I will let you all know.

In the mean time, I recommend having a back up of your back up. Or perhaps an online back up with something like Dropbox.

Instagram Treasures

It's Friday! We made it through the week! Go us!

I'm thinking about putting some of my instagram images on wood like you can do with Instathis. What do you all think? Sounds like a fun way to decorate the house, right?

However, I can't afford Instathis, so I will probably be getting the images printed and glue them to the wood. My dad even recommended putting some sort of gloss over the images. Possible future DIY project?!

By the way, you never know what kind of images you can get when you are playing around with your phone, standing on a stool, and adjusting your object so it gets hit with just the right amount of morning light! :)

I hope you all are having a fantastic Friday!

Random Wednesday

I still don't have my computer back. I did in fact lose everything on my hard drive from August forward which was irritating/frustrating/disappointing, but I am excited to tell you all that my computer, with a newly installed hard drive and battery is now waiting for me at the computer store! Yay!! (It is very difficult to try to blog when on my husband's work computer.)

Anyway, I couldn't really decide what to blog about today, so I thought I would share a few different things.

Tokyo Fashion: Bow-Accent Double-Buttoned Coatdress

First of all, I was very disappointed when my order from BuyTrends ended up not going through. I decided to do a bit more research on the site when I found some of their security links at the bottom of the page didn't work. (??) I'm still not sure about the quality of the site, but I would still love to own some cute Korean/Japanese/Chinese style clothing. This led me to checking out YesStyle and JShoppers. I will probably be purchasing items from one or both of these stores in the near future. I will let you know if I do and how it turns out.

Speaking of money, I wanted to go ahead and update you all on Justin's and my budget. According to Mint, we're over budget; however, according to Justin's checking account, we are doing quite well this month! Yay!! He was able to put approximately 20% of his salary toward paying off debt while I put about 10% of his salary (lol. ALL of my salary) toward savings. On top of it all, we were able to cover our extremely high electricity bill since our heater went out this month. YAY! (We also were able to reduce our grocery bill by nearly 1/2.) So anyway, I am pretty excited about this months budgeting.

Finally, I just had to share this, because... I just did! When I was little, I had a dollhouse I inherited from my mom. I would go stay the night with my grandmother, and I would love to convince her to go to the dollhouse store with me. I loved touching all of the little things. She spent sooooo much money on that dollhouse for me. (Little things may be little, but they aren't cheap!) There is a story that she now tells anyone that will listen that she once told me. Apparently, she took me dollhouse shopping one time when I was about five. When we got back, she took all of the tags off the little objects and informed me that I wasn't suppose to tell my grandfather how much money we had spent at the dollhouse store. What did I do? I came in and TOLD HIM that I wasn't suppose to tell him how much we had spent. lol. I am bad at keeping secrets! :)

Anyway, all of this was just to say that I loved seeing this cute little re-do of a dollhouse that was recently posted on Apartment Therapy.

These pictures really make me want to redo the dollhouse I worked on with my grandmother.

As an aside, Apartment Therapy is a really awesome blog to follow for ideas on how to redecorate, restore, or modify a room, space, or object in your house. They are always sharing crazy ideas and renovations. Some ideas are simply beautiful while others are creative. More often than not, you can find cheap fixes for anything you intend on updating in your own home.

I hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday! Hopefully my blog posts will become more normal with my personal computer back tomorrow...

Buy Trends Follow Up

I know a lot of people were curious and asking what happened with my BuyTrends order. (See original post here.) I would LOVE to say that they came through, the order was perfect, I received it in a timely manner, and the clothes were absolutely superb, but this has not been the case yet.

Last Tuesday was day 30 in waiting... and the product never came to my door. I e-mailed them, but when I didn't hear from BuyTrends within 24 hours I placed a complaint with Paypal. BuyTrends responded to the complaint within 24 hours by returning my money. It took another 3 or 4 days to receive an e-mailed response from BuyTrends customer service saying that the items I ordered were out of stock and they weren't sure when the items would come back in stock. On top of that, they had been celebrating the Chinese New Year, so the mail wasn't running and many of the workers were on vacation.

My viewpoint:

If an item isn't available, why would you list it on your website? If it is an accidental listing, why not contact the customer as soon as possible and let them know the product is unavailable, when it will be available, and give the customer some options (i.e. returning the money or waiting on the stock to become available again).

If you can't ship an item, due to a 2 week vacation (or whatever), it would really be best to e-mail the customer and let them know.

Finally, I think it is best to respond to customers rather than simply returning money.

Despite the 30 day delay, I would still have liked to have someone contact me within 24 hours of my e-mail explaining any problems and issues rather than jumping on paypal and returning my money. (This is not to say that I want it to be difficult to receive a refund, if that is what I want. I just want my options provided to me.)

I may try using BuyTrends again just to confirm that any issues with the company were issues with the company and not due to vacations. I was really hoping to receive my items and try them. I would truly love to give, at the very least, a review of the company and their products. I'll let you know if this happens.

Has anyone else recently ordered from BuyTrends and either received their item or been frustrated by their customer service?

A Trip to Free People

As you know, I absolutely LOVE Anthropologie, so why wouldn't I also like Free People? I adore the slightly bohemian chic look, but I rarely buy clothing from this store unless I am absolutely in love with it. The clothing at Free People is often more casual and thus easier to wear on a day-to-day basis. Justin and I stopped by the clothing boutique yesterday while they were having 20% off of sale items.

Of course, I so rarely visit Free People stores that I had to try on a few things that weren't on sale.

The first thing that caught my eye was this gorgeous jacket with the pretty ruffle detailing in the back. I thought it would look cute with a pair of jeans. Unfortunately, as cute as it was I decided the Ruffle Twill Back Jacket was not necessarily for me. (However, if I bought the dress too, I might reconsider!) The sleeves were a bit too long, and I just wasn't sure I would have much to wear with this jacket. (Plus, I couldn't afford the $128 pricing! Maybe if it goes on sale...)

Next up, I tried on the Capital Peplum Jacket. This jacket is SOOOOO cute! I tried it on black, and I was easily able to see how it could look awesome with a cute skirt or a pair of jeans. I won't even tell you how many jackets similar to this I have tried on in the past that just aren't nearly as cute as this one. Honestly, as soft, comfortable, and versatile as this jacket is, I definitely think the pricing is about right for this one.

Finally, I tried on the Lace Dream Dress in deep red. I got the small, but I think the extra small really would have fit better. It turns out this dress was on sale in the store, so I got 20% off the sale price. I'm still trying to decide if I will keep it. The lace detailing is gorgeous. The drop waist isn't amazing on me; however, it looks great with a belt, a long necklace, and a cardigan over it. (I rarely wear dresses without cardigans, so forgive me for that.) Don't get me wrong -- the dress is gorgeous. I just am focused on getting what I know I will wear over and over again, reducing the amount I spend on clothes, and making sure the money I spent on clothes is actually spent on clothes I absolutely love. This dress is gorgeous, but, in retrospect, I may not love it enough to keep. Definitely try it on stores though; it looks different on than it does on the model!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?

Anthropologie Friday Finds

Last Friday, before taking on a three year old full time, Justin and I went to the mall and, of course, stopped in to visit the local Anthropologie. I just thought I would share a few of my finds.

One of the first things I tried on was the AG Stevie Ankle Glimmer jeans. I was SOOOO excited to try on the glitter infused jeans. (Just ask Justin!) If you like glitter but you don't really want to feel like a fairy princess, these jeans may be the ones for you. While you can definitely see the glitter when the jeans are on the hanger, it is difficult to see the glitter with the jeans on. This was the reason I put the jeans back on the rack. (My opinion is: if I'm going to wear glitter, I want to be able to see it!) Plus, I'm not that into clubbing. Just for reference, the jeans fit me perfectly fitting all the way down to the ankles like you would expect normal jeans to do. (I'm 5'2".) If you are short, just be aware the jeans will not fit like they do on the model.

I also tried on Peaked Pointelle Sweater. While this sweater was soft, I wasn't a fan of where the bottom of the sweater fell against my waist in comparison to how low the sweater is on top. With a very loose design, it just made me look boxy and overweight on my short frame. The sweater is a bit longer in the back than the front. I'm also a big fan of the design on the back of the sweater which makes you look thinner. Overall, the sweater just didn't meet my expectations despite how soft it was. I had to put it back.

Remember when I bought my green Caridad Ruffled Dress? Yeah, they now have a red version out. While I'm not necessarily a fan of the new color since I don't feel it looks as vintage as the green, this dress is definitely great if you missed out on the original and/or just prefer the color red! Just as a reminder, the fabric is very thin and light; the skirt is not as heavy as it looks with the ruffled bottom. The gold belt that you see on the website (not the one shown on the model above) easily wrinkles and looks very simple on the dress. (Why don't they use a thick fabric for the belt to make it look more substantial?) As you can see, you can definitely accessorize this dress and make it look as fancy as you'd like. (I love the addition of the belt and the long earrings!)

I also might be a tad bit in love with this darling book. I absolutely love the comparisons made between Paris and New York. I definitely encourage checking out the blog even if you can't afford the book. Once you start looking, you really can't stop. Plus, I'm certain you will never again be able to decide between the two cities. :)

Have you seen anything exciting at Anthropologie recently? I know they just put out a whole new selection of clothing out this February and a bunch more on sale! Definitely go check it out if you haven't yet! :)

Obligatory Post

Dear readers,

I just wanted to wish you all the best Valentine's Day ever! :)

Currently, my heart is not in a position to post anything positive with both my car and computer hard drive dead. I hope you all can understand.

See you tomorrow!

P.S. BuyTrends never sent my items, and they just returned my money to me via paypal. Anyone else had any experiences with BuyTrends?

Trials & Tribulations When Living With a 3 Year Old

Over the past four days, Justin and I have been looking after a three year old boy while the rest of the family skies in Colorado. Because I babysit for him regularly, the three year old knows me quite well. Unfortunately neither Justin nor I were prepared to take on the life of parenting quite yet, so we have had a number of surprises already in the very short time we have been watching him.

First and foremost, we had to take my car to get it looked at on Saturday. Because we had to take two cars, we decided to have a picnic with Charlie at Stone Mountain to make the day somewhat better. Charlie was so tired (or bored?) that he fell asleep in the car on the way to the playground at Stone Mountain. Then when we woke him up he wanted to play on his ipad rather than swing or slide... or whatever else. (Engineer in the making?)

So we decided to take him on the train... only to find out it was closed for the winter. :( As a last resort, we did the skyride and took Charlie to the top of the mountain. While he may have been slightly impressed, he claimed to be scared and wanted Justin to hold him. *shrugs* We tried.

The next day, while it was raining outside, we decided to take Charlie to Legoland. I'm really not sure who had the most fun... Justin or Charlie. They sat on the floor building lego cars for HOURS. I really think they would have kept going if Legoland had not closed on us.

Charlie was super excited to see Stone Mountain in the Legoland display of Atlanta built entirely with legos. 

However, while these little trips were fun, getting back to day-to-day life with a three year old in tow has been confusing and complicated. Instead of worrying about my own routine, I now have to worry about Charlie's routine as well. Justin has been a HUGE help, and, as difficult as watching Charlie has been with him, I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be without him.

Typically, Justin has left for work by the time I get Charlie up and ready for school. Charlie is very fussy in the mornings. (Neither he nor I are morning people.) I usually get him up and in front of the tv to calm down, get distracted, and eat a little breakfast. Typically, as he sits in front of the tv, I bring him some clothes to change into and his toothbrush to brush his teeth. Hopefully, if all goes well, we are out the door within an hour of him getting up.

I get the rest of my day to blog or do whatever until I pick Charlie up from school. Justin, my super sweet, amazing husband, fixes Charlie and I dinner. With Charlie being only slightly more picky than me, Justin fixes a wide variety of vegetables that we put on Charlie's plate. Typically a Charlie plate consists of steamed broccoli, steamed carrots, chicken, strawberries, macaroni and cheese, and a little something extra. Last night we gave him some French bread to try. The night before we provided some asparagus. Sometimes the trials are successes... sometimes they are not.

Our night routine typically includes Charlie taking a bath (playing with his toys in bath water), brushing his teeth, and me reading him a story while he sips on what he calls Go-go before I turn on his cd player, turn out all of the lights except for the nightlight, and stand over him encouraging him to close his eyes and go to sleep. Charlie, according to his parents, is a night owl, and Justin and I are doing everything we can to prevent that from being a problem.

Of course, as with most three year olds, complications to the routine (often called meltdowns) do occur. The best and only thing I can find to make this any better is to get rid of the cause of the meltdown before the meltdown occurs. (For example, Charlie brought home a bottle with beads in it yesterday which he promptly opened and got all over the place. Miraculously over night, the bottle and beads disappeared. Hmm... wonder where they went?)

So to all of you single moms out there, kudos. I cannot even fathom taking care of a three year old without my supportive husband to help with the cooking, dishes, and trash. He has been an amazing help, and Charlie absolutely loves spending time with him.

Meet Us + Giveaway on The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama is having a giveaway on her blog, and I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to update you on who this blog is about. (Plus, the thought of winning an instax camera is pretty fun!)

Who I am: My name is Mandy, and I am a plan-a-holic. I babysit (nanny?) for half of my time, design graphics and take pictures approximately a third of my time, and search the internet for awesome blog post content the rest of the time. I've been blogging for years and years and years... but I never had a focus until I started planning a wedding and married this man:

His name is Justin. He is my husband, and a pretty awesome one at that. He works as a computer engineer at a start up company doing... I don't know what. Something important. With neurons. He loves me like crazy despite all of my weird quirks, and he even comes to babysit with me from time to time! Justin absolutely loves to cook for me, and he is always attempting to get me to try new things. (I am super picky!)

After dating a bajillion years, we married last year. Since that time, we have moved to a rental house, and that is where the current state of this blog began. I now worry about finances, trips to Anthropologie, awesome cooking ideas, and helping others to plan for their wedding.

So dearest Paper Mama, could you please choose us to win the instax camera? ;)

Week Recap

What a crazy week it has been!

First of all, I just have to share that one of my favorite brands is on Ruelala this week! Definitely make sure to check out all of the cute Betsey Johnson clothing, jewelry, and shoes!

I am especially in love with this super-cute Betsey Johnson Babydoll Black Coat.

So anyway, Justin and I began the week by hosting a delicious dinner for our friends, followed by a trip to Menchies for 6 oz. of free frozen yogurt on National Frozen Yogurt Day (Feb. 6), and finally a trip to see Justin's parents tonight. It doesn't sound like a crazy week, but we've been trying to get on top of everything.

For one, I mentioned our house is fairly clean right now. With the visit on Tuesday, we managed to move more things to the spare bedroom (UGH!) making our downstairs cleaner and more organized, but it will also give us more to clean and go through before we have guests in the spring.

I've been working on ideas for Valentine's cards. I am the slowest person... I haven't come up with anything other than envelopes. :( So if you are one of the VERY few people I will be mailing, don't expect to get your card on time. lol. I'll be taking pictures when I'm done, so you can see what I did. Now come on ideas...

Some really cool things I found when looking for Valentine's Day card ideas:

Sweetheart Cherry Pies
Candy Heart Garland
Chocolate Hugs and Kisses Tic Tac Toe Board

Of course all are cute, but nothing I have found is suitable. Perhaps I should have started my search in December...

Justin and I have also been getting on track regarding our budgeting tactics. Currently I am excited to report that we are nearly on track except in the area of food! (Big surprise!) Anyway, Justin worked out our bill payments to determine exactly how much we owe and take all that we were planning to save out of the equation meaning Justin has no surplus in his account to spend. (And he knows it!) Hopefully, this knowledge will keep us on track for budgeting!

My car is going to the car doctor presumably on Saturday, so that will be exciting. (Or not.) My dad (a mechanic) seems to think there is something wrong with a switch in the transmission and that it should be an easy (albeit long) fix. Unfortunately, if my transmission is screwed up, Justin and I will be going through our emergency savings quicker than intended (which makes me sick). I'm glad we have the savings for emergencies, but I really want to have more than needed. I'll keep you all updated on that.

Plus, next week (starting early Saturday morning), Justin and I will have our own 3-year-old for the week. Luckily, he comes potty-trained and all of his expenses are paid for including a little bit of extra money for me. He also comes with a house, a credit card with no fees, a cat, some fish, and a car. The best part? In a week, I get to give him back! (Unfortunately, everything else has to go back too.) Don't you wish all 3-year-olds came that way? ;)

So where does that leave us?

Crazy. That's where.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and a superb weekend!

Dinner Party!

Last night Justin and I had our first dinner party since moving into a house. We had delicious boeuf bourguignon, asparagus, a salad tossed with tomato, buffalo mozzarella and a lovely balsamic vinegar dressing, homemade baguettes, and a fresh fruit tart from the local farmer's market. Our guests were some friends from Slovakia. We definitely enjoyed visiting with them while they were in America.

Guests Coming

Over the weekend, Justin and I cleaned.

I know. Boring.

We did all of the laundry in the house -- blankets, clothing, towels, sheets... We swept and mopped the hardwood floors. The kitchen was cleaned.

But most importantly, Justin and I began tackling our guest bedroom. Over the course of the year, Justin and I managed to fill our tiny guest bedroom with junk. If guests were coming for dinner (usually family) any item that did not have a home was moved up to that bedroom so that our house would look presentable. Justin and I decided it was time to go through things on Saturday in that bedroom since we are looking to have our first guests stay with us in May. I told Justin that I was NOT putting a bed in that small room until it was cleaned up.

While we aren't completely ready for the bed to be moved down here, we are definitely doing better than we were a week ago. A lot of things have been moved to my parent's basement until we get the chance to start selling things. Justin has one more BIG box of electronics to go through, which I'm hoping he will do this week. We also will have to purchase a new set of sheets and a bedspread for the guest bedroom. Over the weekend we got a gorgeous light green blanket at a thrift store for $5 that we are looking to put on the bed. :) With wedding decorations to pull the room together, we are certain that the room will look awesome once we are done!