Weekend Recap

In my last post, I told you all that Justin and I are taking hold of our financial future in a very strong way this year. (Not that I would ever not be interested in my financial future. It was inevitable.)

Justin approached me over the weekend and said "We have a problem." He informed me that his checking account was lower than he liked and he didn't know why. He gets really angry dealing with finances whereas I can sit there and work things out unemotional. Turns out we had a lot of yearly expenses that came due this month. *sigh* Ok, change that. HE had a lot of yearly expenses I didn't know about.

Up until this year, I have really tried to stay out of his finances. They were none of my business because we weren't married. (I know! It's insane that a girl could keep her opinions to herself! Don't worry though. My opinions were clear on every other subject under the sun before we married... and still are.)

So anyway, my whole day Sunday was devoted to coming up with a financial plan. I first needed to know where our money was going, so that I could then split it up over the course of the month according to Justin's paychecks and determine exactly how much out of savings we would need to cover those yearly expenses.

Justin and I clearly aren't on the same page. I ask if we can split expenses with his family, so that more people can get the services for half the cost. He doesn't understand. He says "But it's only $25, and that won't save us much." I'm of the opinion that any money saved is beneficial.

Unfortunately, considering all of the yearly expenses have been paid (both with and without my consent), I find it not worth arguing until next year. On top of that, we have Justin now set up to save the money over the course of the year, so that we don't get a surprise depletion of our savings against our/my will next January.

In other news, my husband worked very hard replacing some part on my car with my dad's help this weekend. He kind of looked like a creature from the deep when he was done... black hands and a black face. :) I didn't say that though. I am very thankful for a husband that can do almost anything and a father that can help Justin figure out my car. Yay for $40 parts and no other repair costs!

Do you agree with Justin that sharing expenses isn't worth the money saved? Do you have a financial plan worked out for this year?

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