The Little Things In Life

I have to admit that sometimes the little things in life make me the happiest.

- falling asleep to rain
- a hug
- my husband making what I want for dinner
- a great song coming on the radio
- finding out a dear friend is engaged!

Yes, I said it. I just found out, a month after the proposal, that a dear friend (or 2?) of mine is engaged! You have absolutely no idea how excited this makes me!

Three years ago, at Christmas time, I found out an online friend of mine was pregnant... at like 3AM. She and her husband had had a rough time becoming pregnant. I was so excited for her, and I was so excited that she had confided in me. I couldn't sleep that night; she couldn't either. It was an amazing moment.

Then, last night I couldn't sleep... so I found out this other online friend is engaged! Ahhh... *sigh* I may never want to sleep again!! lol.

Anyway, I hope this post finds my readers doing well and enjoying their Friday. Am I the only one that gets amazing news late at night?

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