That Something Exciting

Remember how I said my weekend got more exciting?

I had asked Justin if we could have steak on Saturday night. When we went to look at meat prices, we were shocked at the cost for a steak. Justin ended up getting a hanger steak not knowing what it was. Apparently, in the Joy Of Cooking, the authors claim that a hanger steak is only really good if it is cooked well, but very little was said about how to cook it. They did, however, recommend that it would be a good steak for boeuf bourguignon -- Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon. (Ok, maybe the book did not say that specifically, but the dish was recommended... just not Julia Child's in particular. Apparently Julia Child became popular after the Joy of Cooking was published.)

While dinner at midnight may appease some, Justin and I decided to wait a day to make the stew enjoying instead some guacamole and chips. Come Sunday, Justin began preparation of some meringues and helped me to get some cleaning done around the house not once realizing that the stew really should have been cooking the whole time. Around five o'clock, Justin decided that he was going to make Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon anyway even though we wouldn't get to eat it until Monday. I'll have you know that Justin got so distracted creating this meal that, once again, we had a late night dinner with the boeuf bourguignon not finishing until nearly midnight and smelling delicious the entire time!

As a surprise, Justin's parents came down to have dinner with us on Monday night. Between the boeuf bourguignon, broccoli, french bread, steamed potatoes, and a delicious salad, no one went hungry. The boeuf bourguignon was sooooo tender... like pot roast. It still had the taste of steak and little bit of a fruity taste... most likely due to the wine it was cooked in. It was absolutely delicious. Having been my first French meal, I would definitely eat something like this again.

So that was my something exciting. It probably is not everyone's 'cup of tea', but I definitely had quite an experience trying this new (to me) recipe. Plus, I always love watching Justin cook. I'm not good with food myself and I can never tell what will go together, but I love that he can alter recipes and it usually tastes pretty good. If you have ever had the desire to try this recipe, I definitely recommend that you do.

The apple pie with cheddar cheese and ice cream that we had for dessert that night was just the 'icing on the cake'! :)

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