Random Sunday Update: Clothing Blogs

Ok. I will admit it. I have a problem. I truly enjoy reading blogs featuring Anthropologie fashion. I love seeing what other people are buying and how they are styling their new clothing. Occasionally reading these blogs inspires me to check out other clothing brands that often have the same high quality as what my favorite store offers.

1. One of my absolute FAVORITES is Effortless Anthropologie. Every week Roxy updates with sales, reader outfits, other places to buy similar clothing (like J. Crew), providing a place for people to sell their used Anthropologie clothing, and occasionally insightful commentary on the Anthropologie brand (how free shipping could improve the brand sales, how well the store is doing financially, and other customer concerns). If I don't look at any other website during the week, I always check hers out. :)

2. I'm also a big fan of Shannon Hearts. I love seeing the styled photo shoots and the different ways she puts together outfit ensembles. Shannon also frequently offers giveaways for the clothing brands that sponsor her website.

3. I also discovered SHEfinds, which coincidentally offers BRIDEfinds (aka SHEfinds Weddings) and MOMfinds for all the other women in the world that are less concerned about personal fashion and more concerned with either their wedding day or cute things for their kids! :) This website does not offer information specifically about Anthropologie, but they do occasionally mention my favorite store. I love that they share celebrity fashion, giveaways, department store sale information, and how to obtain your favorite styles for less.

Is there anyone that you follow that has gorgeous style and fun clothing advice? Feel free to share with me! I love checking out new and different blogs!

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