New Year Resolutions (i.e. Financial Goals)

Justin and I didn't make any explicit new years resolutions, but we do have some general goals that we would like to meet.

Having dated for so long before getting married, Justin and I have very different ways of handling our finances.

It took me so long to get a legitimate job that my biggest goal has always been to save as much as possible and get amazing deals. (Did you see my latest Anthropologie splurge?) I've never been great at couponing, so I do my best to keep an eye on prices. I wait for things to go on sale. When things do go on sale, I try to only buy what I need. Finally, if the price does drop again, I love doing price adjustments!

Over the past year, every cent I make goes into savings. That number includes any gifts from my family to us or to me. (Justin's family doesn't usually give us gifts in the form of cash, so we really haven't had to deal with that before.) Before I began work in August, I came up with a financial goal that I thought would be achievable. It was honestly a lot harder to reach that goal as a married individual than it would have been as a single individual, but thanks to a generous gift from my family for Christmas, Justin and I were able to reach that goal. (YAY!!!) Back in August, I also came up with a savings goal to be at by the month of May. I'm currently striving for it, but... I don't know that we will reach it by May.

Basically our savings goal is more than enough to pay for a new car if my car decides to die next week... We also have enough to pay a FEW months of living expenses if Justin's company goes under. (Being a start-up company, you never know what can happen!)

Justin's money, on the other hand, goes to pay for living expenses as well as paying down debt. Between Justin and I, both, we owe enough in student loans to pay for a house! (A small house, but a house is still a house!)

So between paying down debt and building an emergency savings account, we have some really crazy financial goals... without adding on the fact that we are planning a trip to New York/Massachusetts this summer! I'm not entirely certain we can afford the trip, but I do think it is important for me to meet some of Justin's family I have never met in the entire 8+ years we've been together.

Those are our somewhat lofty financial goals for the year of 2013. We have to meet them though, because we owe a trip to Germany and may have a wedding in Chicago to attend at some point in the near future. We won't even mention my desires of visiting Italy, France, London, or you know... owning an actual house at some point.

So what are your financial goals for 2013?

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