January 2013 Instagram

I can hardly believe this month is almost over! It seems like it has gone by soooo very fast! When I was going through my Instagram pictures, I realized that I have been really slacking this month in picture-taking and Instagram-editing! I almost think I like the look of the 9 images over the 16 though, so I may continue to only do 9 images a month. I think that is a completely reasonable number. (Plus, it doesn't fill up my phone as fast!!)

I've also been having a lot of fun with the Blux camera app. If you check out the Hershey's Kiss image and the strawberry image, I was using Blux to capture those. I love that it will allow you to focus on one particular point blurring out the rest of the image. It definitely makes the images more interesting.

That is my prop for Blux! Go check it out!

*I am not affiliated with Blux or Instagram, and I am not being paid or compensated for my opinion. My opinion is my own.

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