Holiday Break

Here's hoping that all of my followers had a lovely holiday break!

Justin and I had a nice holiday break... though not quite as long as I would have liked. (Are breaks ever as long as you would like?!) I found myself sick just prior to the break... then got better just in time for us to go visit my dad's extended family. I came home that night exhausted... and sick AGAIN! Two weeks later, I am still fighting it! The lesson learned in all of this? Being sick on holidays is not fun.

To celebrate the new year, yesterday, Justin and I went to the theatre and saw Skyfall! We went all out and got popcorn and soda. It was really fun! :) I don't think we've been to see a movie together since before we got married! Plus, it only helped that the movie was awesome! I definitely recommend seeing it! :)

Also, over the holidays, I decided to spend my Anthropologie giftcard money that I won at Sarcire's blog!

At first I bought the Plenty by Tracy Reese Stitched Looma Coat on sale with the Fritillary Ruffle Loop. The two were absolutely gorgeous together, and I got soooo many compliments! At least 10 the first day I wore the pair! :)


So anyway, one week later, Anthropologie has another sale. My coveted coat can now be obtained for even cheaper than what I originally paid for it! So what did I do? I called Anthropologie back and I got a price adjustment! A price adjustment in the form of a $60 giftcard and $15 back on my debit card. I was stoked!

What's a girl to do but to go back and find even more loves?

I ended up ordering the Fritillary Ruffle Loop in a cream color from the Anthropologie in Chicago. (They were the only store that still had one.) Justin and I also went to explore the biggest Anthropologie in Atlanta, the one at Lenox mall. There we discovered At My French Table by Jane Webster and Meringue by Linda Jackson.

Coincidentally, Justin had just finished baking a German chocolate cake that used a lot of egg yolks but left him with a large number of egg whites. We had so much fun getting and looking through these cookbooks. At My French Table was more a story than a cookbook, but it contained a variety of French recipes scattered throughout. I had that book read in one night! :) It turns out Jane Webster has a sequel that I may have to check out! Meringue had far less text and far more recipes with gorgeous pictures of delicious desserts and icings!

Needless to say, I was (and am) pretty excited that my giftcard to Anthropologie went so far!

I would say Justin and I had a pretty exciting holiday vacation despite being sick and all that came with it! What do you think? :)

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