ASOS Customer Service Review & Commentary for Ladies

First of all, if you are male, you may want to stay as far away from this post as possible. (I'm not too certain men are interested in fashion to begin with.)

I'm sure you've seen where I recommended ASOS before. At the time, I had never purchased from them, but I since have and I was VERY PLEASED with the service. However, with this post I wanted to make 2 points. (Ok, maybe 3.)

I recently purchased a Mimi Holliday bra from ASOS. At the original price of $100, ASOS was offering it at half price plus they had an extra promotional code for me to use. Considering my favorite bras never go on sale for the price I would like (i.e. as cheap as possible), Justin let me take the chance and order it. (I was originally going to order it elsewhere for $2 cheaper, but I took too long searching for an even cheaper price and it sold out.) When I went to order from ASOS I tried using swagbucks or mypoints to save money, but I completely forgot to put in the promotion code! :( Immediately, I e-mailed ASOS.

This brings me to my first point: ASOS has AMAZING customer service! They responded to my e-mail within a day and said that as soon as my purchase arrived, they would credit me with the promotion code and I would get my refund. Beyond that, my purchase was very high quality. This gave me such confidence in purchasing from ASOS. I would definitely recommend buying from them if they offer something you like at a good price. (In case you are interested, it took approximately 10 days for my item to get to me.)

As to my second point, I wanted to remark that the bra I ordered was a different style from that which I already had. I really don't want to remark on what style it was or how it is different, but I did want to let my female readers know that (despite what I thought) Oprah was right. Apparently the style of bra you wear with certain clothes makes a big difference in your appearance. I had always heard to make sure you order the right size bra, but I hadn't heard too much about styles. Obviously you need a strapless bra for a strapless dress, but I had no idea about the other styles (full cup vs. demi, t-shirt, bandeau, etc...). I always thought the cheaper the better.

So ladies (especially brides-to-be), I recommend researching bra styles before finding one to wear with your wedding dress. If you have a few different styles, it will be easier to determine which looks best. Having the right style bra for the right outfit helps provide the best silhouette as well as helping you look thinner (!!), younger (if you have that need), and giving you confidence!

As a third and final point, it is worthwhile to purchase a good quality bra. Since getting married I have purchased from high quality brands including Cosabella, Simone Perele, and (of course) Mimi Holliday. Before marriage I had tried Victoria Secret, JC Penney, Kohls, Charlotte Russe, Aerie, and Urban Outfitters (to name a few). There is absolutely no comparison between the brands, and I have discovered that with regards to quality you get what you pay for.

The Lingerie Addict is a great place to go if you'd like to learn more about finding the perfect lingerie for any occasion that will help you to look and feel your best. She also has suggestions about which lingerie to buy and shares coupon codes weekly for your favorite lingerie stores.

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