A Successful Weekend

You know your weekend was successful when you can say you made chocolate covered strawberries (and chips and cashews) with the cutest 9 year old ever! (And Justin!)

Justin had to work on Sunday, so we had to get all of our errands done on Saturday. These errands included changing the oil in his truck, getting a price match from Anthropologie, returning an item to AutoZone, grocery shopping, and Justin even completed our taxes!

We are so excited! Justin is getting a pretty big return on his taxes which means we get to pay off a good chunk of debt! Yay! I have to say it definitely feels good to accomplish something like that... all the while not losing money in any of our other bank accounts! :)

Surprisingly, we also found out some friends from Slovakia are in town until March, so we have made plans to have dinner with them. :)

Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?

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