Smashcake Studio

Guess what we received in the mail this week?

Justin and I had won it in a contest from Anders Ruff. Approximately 3 days after deciding on what we were getting, Smashcake Studio had this beauty on our doorstep very well packaged in gorgeous, brightly colored packaging including a few pieces of candy!

The biggest surprise with this cake stand is how tall it is! The quality of the cake stand is amazing! But the cake stand is much taller than I was expecting. I'm a little bit worried about putting Justin's huge cakes on there. :/ With the cakes on there, it will practically rise up to being as tall as me when on the table... but, then again, I'm pretty short.

So now on to putting together a party to celebrate and use our gorgeous cake stand! Thank you Anders Ruff and Smashcake Studio! :)

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