Florrie Mitton

Forever Lace Garter with Rhinestone Trim

So you have your dress, the venue is picked, and now it is time to decide on the small details that you may or may not remember about your day. You have to pick out the decorations, the rental company for plates, and... the garter. Are you doing a garter toss?

I have to admit that I had absolutely no interest in having my husband pull my garter off with his teeth or through any other method. Probably a good idea since, on the day of, I completely forgot to put mine on! (Just goes to show that even when you have a gazillion lists you will still likely forget something! Especially when you are as forgetful as me!)

Aphrodite Beaded Garter

When I was researching garters, the garter I most wanted (but did not get) was a Florrie Mitton.

If you are not considering wearing a garter, you probably will after seeing these. Just keep in mind that these garters are expensive. They are handmade in England using vintage findings, beautiful crystals, fine laces, and silk.

So what do you think? Would you splurge for a Florrie Mitton garter?


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