Bouquet Pendants

One idea I absolutely love that we used when planning our wedding was the idea of using pendants to make each bridesmaid and flower girl's bouquet unique and special. We didn't actually get a picture of the pendants in the bouquets, but we bought little picture frames from Michaels ($3 for a set of 5) and printed initials that we put into each frame.

For my bouquet, we placed a rosary into the bouquet that we got from an antique shop. My dad had a rosary that he was going to let me borrow, but I felt like a black rosary just wasn't as pretty.

Other pendant ideas I've seen or heard of often include lockets with pictures of loved ones, jewelry from another female in the family, something blue... etc...

What do you think about the idea of using pendants to personalize a bouquet?

If you like the idea, it may be good to know that Anthropologie is offering 30% off charms today!

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