A Busy Weekend

Justin and I were super busy this past weekend. I came up with a list of things that needed to happen over the weekend, things we could do to save money rather than spending it... but things that needed to happen anyway. One of those things was getting a chandelier we had previously bought (as in before getting married) from my parents house to hang in our dining room. It ended up taking all day Saturday and Sunday to actually get it hung since we had to go looking for brown chain (Who knew it was so hard to find?!?) and driving the hour (plus spending time with my family) when getting the chandelier. The chandelier looks soooooo much better than the previous chandelier we had hanging in our dining room.

While we were driving around looking for chandelier parts, we came across some chairs at Home Depot that we had previously decided against purchasing. The price for the chairs was down by approximately $60, so we bit the bullet and bought not at all certain that the chairs were exactly what we wanted for our dining room. They were. YAY! They are soooo much more comfortable than the stools we had before. It's actually nice to have dinner in our dining room now. :) Plus, we think the stools look awesome with the table... 

We also had the joy of finishing our Christmas decorations! Yay!!! My parents let us borrow some garland to put on our staircase and a wreath... while one of the ladies I babysit for decided to decorate our mailbox. We are feeling all Christmasy now!

It's good that we got as much done over the weekend as we did, because we are about to get busy with Christmas parties and events! It always surprises me how busy you can find yourself at this time of year. This week, for example, Justin and I have gone from having very little to do to having something to do every night. (As if we didn't have enough to do already!)

Are you surprised at how busy you become during the holiday season?

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