Christmas Decorations & the Holiday Weekend

After spending a delightful Thanksgiving with our families enjoying Justin's most delicious Ultimate Coconut Cake, and a crazy-busy Black Friday at the malls shopping deals and discounts to obtain the perfect gifts for the ones we love, Justin and I spent our Sunday buying and decorating our very first Christmas tree. (We were suppose to put it up on Saturday, but my car requested service first.)

We went early Saturday to pick out a Christmas tree at Costco. (Seven to eight foot trees were being sold there for a price of $30, which I could not argue with.)

Then Justin completely surprised me by picking out some turquoise ornaments for us to decorate our tree with. While I was worried about our Christmas tree being too "girly", Justin informed me that Christmas trees, in essence, are girly and he might as well decorate the tree with my favorite color just to make me happy. I was perfectly content to go along with it. Unfortunately, Justin and I are crazy picky and we could not find a tree topper. Instead, being resourceful, I decided to put a polar bear on top of the tree that I got from my parents' house. It is now our favorite part of the tree!

Next on the list of Christmas decorations, Justin and I will be making a Christmas wreath and a tree skirt.

So what did you do during the holiday weekend? Do you agree with Justin that Christmas trees are girly? What do you top your tree with?

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