Black Friday Shopping

One of my favorite things to do every year after Thanksgiving is to go shopping on "Black Friday". I love people watching. Then there is also the excitement of seeing Christmas decorations up in the malls and hearing Christmas music for what is hopefully the first time in the year. While Christmas decorations are going up earlier and earlier every year and shops are playing Christmas music sooner and sooner after Halloween, I still love keeping up the tradition begun with my grandmother and mother years and years and years ago when I was very young. Unfortunately for Justin, neither my mother nor my grandmother truly enjoy going out in the crowds anymore, so Justin gets the joy of coming with me. He doesn't mind so long as I don't spend all of our money. :) Unfortunately, over the years, we have also discovered that often the deals advertised in conjunction with black Friday aren't always as good as what you may find during the year or after the Christmas rush is over in January.

Obviously there are a number of places you can go and ways to save even more money on the biggest spending day of the year. Starting, of course, with coupons from newspapers and paying attention to deals in the stores. You can also get help finding deals from websites such as SlickDeals. Something very new to me this year is using smartphone apps like RetailMeNot, DealsPL, Pocketly, Shopkick, Pic2Shop, and Redlaser to name a few. Some apps provide useful coupons while you are in stores while others look up your item using a SKU number and tell you if other stores, online or not, have the item for cheaper, assuming the SKU number matches the SKU  number available online for other stores.

So what do you love most about Black Friday? Do you go for traditions sake or to find a specific gift for a good price for that someone special?

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