Viral Videos

We've all seen the viral videos that are all over the internet (specifically "Gangnam Style" & "Call Me Maybe").  I know you've seen them, because the nine year old I babysit for has seen them. I know you are more tech savvy than her. :)

But have you seen all of the parodies?

Carly Rae Jespen's "Call Me Maybe" was sung by the US Olympic Swimming Team, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, and then (one of my favorites) the response to US Olympic Swimming Team's Missy Franklin by her high school football team!

While there have been a number of "Call Me Maybe" wedding dances, I think what is most amusing is how "Gangnam Style" took off for wedding dances like in this one.

But I guess what really got me interested in commenting on the crazy way viral videos have taken over our weddings, and lives for that matter, was this video where the groomsmen dance to One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". It is absolutely hilarious watching grown men in suits dancing to this song. I know I would have been so embarrassed if my husband had done this at our wedding. I do have to say those must be some pretty devoted friends the groom has to be willing to dance to this song with him.

Have you seen any awesome viral videos recently?

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