The Last Name Fiasco

One of the most important things to consider when getting married is what your last name will be. If you are the bride, will you take his last name? Keep yours? Maybe hyphen the two names together? Come up with something new altogether?

It really is a big deal. Feelings can get hurt. You just have to keep your best interest in mind.

I have known people that have done all of the above.

I know you aren't thinking about it now (and preferably will never be thinking it), but what happens if you divorce? Or you remarry?

Something rather interesting that my grandparents recently mentioned to me was that, if you do take your significant other's name, you need to make sure your middle name on all of your records is the same. (i.e. If your maiden name is Aiden Lenora Smith and when you marry your new last name becomes Hopkins, your new name either needs to be Aiden Lenora Hopkins OR Aiden Smith Hopkins. Apparently, records can get mixed up if you use a combination of the two.)

Other things you should keep in mind when changing your last name include what records will need to be changed. Obviously, if you don't change your last name, you don't have as much to worry with. If you are changing your name, you need to contact Social Security and DDS to name a few. You will need a few copies of your marriage license to prove that you did in fact get married.

What about business contacts? Sometimes it's as simple as keeping your old last name until the end of the school year if you are a teacher. Other times, you may need new business cards, a new e-mail address, and a change on your business or personal website.

Of course none of this takes into account the various other changes that can occur after marriage such as updating information on your bank account(s) and your many insurance accounts (car, health, home, and life).

All of this can be time consuming and stressful whether or not you begin tackling it during the process of getting married or in the months following. But is it as stressful as telling your husband-to-be that you don't want his name? Or is it meaningful for you to take his name (or some variation of it)? This is all worth considering. Take your time to think about it, talk with your significant other about your intentions, and MOST IMPORTANTLY make a decision that is right for the both of you! :)

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