Paper Accessories

One of the most exciting details I wanted to include when planning our wedding were the paper accessories. I picked out doilies (which you can get fairly cheap on Amazon) that we used to make cupcake holders that I thought were really elegant. We also bought the really cute vintage paper straws that I am not sure if they made it out. :( I also considered using vintage style bakers twine, but that did not work out either. (I couldn't find anything in particular I needed it for.)

When I saw The Papered Nest on etsy, I knew I had to share! They have everything from brightly colored sticks (that you may want to make cake pops with or put cookies on), vintage paper straws, hand-dyed doilies, and bakers twine among other things. A trip to this store when planning an event will give you everything you need to really make your event shine!

Check out the template for the cupcake doilies here. The template did not work for me, but you can see the general idea on how to make them. There are super-easy albeit time consuming.

Thanks again to Carolyn's Cupcakes and Justin's grandmother for making all of the cupcakes and Justin's aunt and uncle for making the cake balls!

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