Cleaning Up

Over the weekend Justin and I went to Ikea looking for options to clean up our spare bedroom. Our landlord was coming to figure out how to set up a security system, and we didn't really want him to think we lived like slobs. Hence, we started a major cleaning overhaul.

There was sweeping and vacuuming... mopping... and driving (our desk up to my parents house since we wouldn't be using it and needed a place to store it until we could sell it). I found one of my most favorite cleaning product ever... Softscrub. We started working on getting the grout in the bathroom cleaner than I even imagined it could get! (It worked in the toilet too, fyi.)

We could have left our house like that... clean but with junk everywhere. I'm not that kind of person though. Heck, I even did all of our laundry despite the fact that the landlord won't even be looking anywhere near our laundry basket!!! 

Unfortunately, the upstairs bedroom needed more than cleaning which is why we took that trip to Ikea. First of all, I need to say that if you can find your furniture elsewhere... do it. The furniture is expensive and takes up a TON of time. We had to wait at least an hour for them to get three boxes of wood from the back of the store. I mean... really??!!

Anyway, this Birkeland wardrobe was perfect for storing the fabric we had just laying around on the floor in our spare bedroom. The bedroom doesn't have a closet... or any other furniture at the moment, really. This wardrobe is HUGE once you put it together! (Or maybe the bedroom is just that small?) It holds a ton of stuff! Once we actually get furniture up in that bedroom, we are planning on allowing the use of the wardrobe for guests. In the mean time, it has solved our clutter problem.

On that note... our house is clean and ready for a visit from the landlord... or anyone else that wants to visit! :)

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