Fads or Awesome Ideas?

Just out of curiosity, would you have all of your wedding photography taken with an iPhone and edited with Instagram? What about playing your favorite musician singing songs from the jazz era? It's crazy what you discover when looking at wedding sites. Who does this?!

My biggest concern is that the couple who chose to have their photos taken with the iphone may someday regret that they don't have high resolution images. ... I would love to have been the photographer, however! Yay for light equipment that fits in your pocket!!! I think a better alternative for the couple would have been for the photographer to shoot using a fancy camera (like the Canon 5d mk2) and then put the images through instagram. Just my thoughts.

As for the music? Umm... I do love Arctic Monkeys version of "Baby I'm Yours", so I can see where it would be fun to play musicians singing older songs. I'm just not certain I would play it so that everyone is happy. Lucky for Justin and I, I knew going into the wedding that the majority of our friends and my grandparents (and probably his) enjoyed jazz music. The only people I wouldn't be making happy preferred rock, and I just decided I couldn't please everyone. Too few people were picky enough to make a difference to me (even though one was my dad!).

So if you are up for going along with the fads of the time... Congratulations! Enjoy your instagram pictures and "fake" rock/jazz music. It is your wedding! Just try to think about how you will feel after the day is over... and whether or not making everyone happy or paying a lot of money for instagram photos will make you happy in 20 some odd years. If not, you may need to rethink a thing or two.

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