A Busy Week...

Last week Justin and I had a very busy week including a meet-up on Wednesday night with the creators of the NPR radio show How to Do Everything. I don't know what exactly we were hoping to learn how to do. However, we did learn how to eat fried donuts as dessert with caramel on top. Yum!

That particular night at the meet-up Mike Danforth offered Justin and I (as well as a few others) some free tickets to the Thursday night recording of Wait, Wait, Don't tell Me at the fabulous Fox Theatre. I had already agreed to babysit on Thursday night, so while we were able to attend the show (Who wouldn't want to go to the Fox?!), we were almost an hour late. :(

Afterwards, we went to Brickstore for some salad and bread. (Not your typical after-show dinnerfare location or even the typical food to be gotten at Brickstore.) We enjoyed our time of calm.

Finally, on Friday, we found ourselves watching my favorite children ever. Justin had them baking French bread and watching Alton Brown use sock puppets to explain how bread was made in Good Eats.  (Can you imagine kids watching a cooking show?!) He tried to get them to watch Julia Child, but she didn't use sock puppets (i.e. she was boring).

Other things we did over the weekend included cleaning, organizing, bug-spraying, and Justin cooking chicken and dumpling soup (among other things). Can you believe we are still organizing nearly 6 months after moving into this house? Yet we are. I blame our newlywed status and inability to really afford anything.

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