Julia Child

Justin and I have been a little obsessed with baking and Julia Child for the past week (since we made the most amazing 6 layer cake EVER!). It started when I watched Julie and Julia on Julia Child's 100th birthday. We then watched clips of Julia Child on Youtube as well as episodes of The French Chef on Amazon Prime. We got to hear stories from our family about how they did crazy things with their own cooking during their teenage years after seeing an episode of The French Chef back in the 60's and early 70's. Now Justin and I are trying to find a Julia Child recipe to try (which is harder than it should be considering all of the things I will not eat).

I also found the romance of Julia and Paul Child to be mesmerizing. I love how Julia Child and Paul Child did Valentines Day Cards for the friends every year "since they couldn't ever get anything together in time for Christmas". I think it is adorable how they supported one another and did everything together whether it was supporting his career by traveling or when Paul Child became Julia's manager and official photographer for her cookbook. I do not think she would have had the success she did without her husband's encouragement and support. (Behind every great man is a great woman... and vice versa. Apparently.)

Justin and I also spent a lot of time cleaning and "hanging" with people. We are hoping to have a few dinner parties in the next few weeks and reconnect with friends. We'll see how that goes. :)

P.S. We walked to my alma mater a few nights ago and sat on the porch swing talking and enjoying the summer night. I discovered that this is one of the few reasons I love the area we live in and especially the south as a whole. Who else would enjoy crazy old buildings with huge porches and swings listening to katydids late at night?

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