Five Month Update

Justin and I have been up to no good in the past week.

I'm currently in the process of putting together an instagram photo album of our trip to Charleston. I bought a really cute little book made out of palm leaves that I cannot wait to fill. I will be using Printstagram to print the photos in little 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares. However, printing with this company means that all of my photos need to be edited by instagram. I am not finished yet with doing that, so... we will see how it goes.

In the mean time, I've decided to start picking out which pictures I want to put in my wedding album and getting those edited/printed. I also have to look for a super-awesome album with which to put the pictures in. Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm looking for something traditional where you slide the images into the album as opposed to printing images into the book. I'm also planning on exploring the paper I will have my images printed on.

Justin, on the other hand, is working on bettering our house. We recently bought an outdoor hose which I have been asking for for months! We also got a soda siphon, so we can start making our own soda/drinks. (I imagine Justin will experiment with it a great deal since he loves exploring new flavors and creating his own tastes.) Finally, we (or he) started working on the grill my parents had given us (that was originally from my grandparents). Justin started cleaning it up. He more-or-less tore it apart and gave it a good cleaning. He killed many of the bugs that were hiding in the grill and got the dirt and old stones out of it. There is a lot more that has to be done before we call the process completed, but I know Justin is looking forward to the day when he gets to use it for the first time! He says I have too much confidence in his ability to pull things apart and put them back together better than they were before, but I like to think that I just know my husband that well. :)

Over the weekend we also did random things like getting the Idle Speed Control Valve for my car, getting the sapphire in my engagement ring tightened, getting my rings cleaned, getting Justin's hair cut, and getting my computer looked at. (Apparently the logic board in my laptop is bad, so I get to leave it with the Apple store for 3-5 days while they fix it. Anybody have a spare computer I can use? :-P)

Who would have thought that it would take us so long to get our house "set up"? We are just so glad we finally got our budget worked out, so that we can afford a few extra expenses here and there.

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