Charleston: Foods Review

One of the BIG things Justin and I share is that we love to try new restaurants. (Justin, probably more than me since he isn't as picky in what he eats.) A lot of time was spent scouring the internet for the best eats in Charleston. What better place to explore restaurants?

1. S.N.O.B. (Slightly North of Broad) - This is one of our favorite restaurants in Charleston. No matter what we order, we always seem to get something absolutely amazing. I am extremely picky and yet there is always something on the menu that I will eat.

The atmosphere at S.N.O.B. is lovely with chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. It looks like a place you can take family/friends as well as coworkers. You can sit in the back of the restaurant and watch the chefs cook or you can sit in the front and look out onto the streets of Charleston watching people.

Justin and I ordered a vegetable plate. The chef chose approximately 10 fresh vegetables that were being used in the restaurant that day, and it was absolutely amazing. It may be the best, most unique vegetable plate I have ever had! Before our meal even came to us, we were served with the most delicious soft bread and cornbread. Past experience has shown that S.N.O.B. also serves amazing steak and salads as well.

While I wouldn't necessarily suggest this restaurant for parents, it is definitely a must visit for foodies.

2. Homily Grill - This restaurant was one of the most suggested breakfast restaurants that I found from my search online. It truly looks like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but it really is not. It is just a cute little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Breakfast is good; however, I was not WOWed. I'm not sure how you can make a WOW out of a simple breakfast (bacon, biscuit, grits). I was really pleased that the bacon was thickly cut smoked applewood bacon rather than the thinly sliced Waffle House really badly done bacon. I also loved that the juice was freshly squeezed. Yum. :) Would I go back? Maybe.

3. High Cotton - Fancy but service was sub-par. Justin and I ordered chicken after we seated ourselves in the bar area. Apparently the restaurant was fully booked and reservations were a necessity. Oops. The food was good... delicious even, but with service being sub-par and the live music playing loudly in our ears... I just cannot recommend the restaurant. The sad part is that I had high hopes since it is a sister restaurant to S.N.O.B. :(

4. Peninsula Grill - OMG! Sooooo delicious. Granted Justin and I just got the 12-layer infamous coconut cake. We sat at the bar, but we felt welcomed and enjoyed talking with the bar tender and other tourists and customers at Peninsula Grill. We had the most fun. Justin got an expensive single malt scotch to have with his cake while I got a glass of milk. I was thrilled that the bar tender didn't blink when I asked for a glass of milk but rather asked me what type of milk I would like! On top of it, Justin actually ate and enjoyed the coconut cake which is truly impressive for someone who 1) doesn't like cake and 2) doesn't like coconut! Yay! May have to try Peninsula Grill for dinner at some point. However, keep in mind that PG is not the cheapest place to go. For amazing food and service, I would love to try it though!

5. Market Pavilion Rooftop Bar - This is one of my favorite places in the city. While Justin and I have never had the food, the view is absolutely astounding especially during sunset. Justin got an expensive drink, and I got pictures of a sunset over Charleston. I do not recommend the restaurant for the food simply because it is expensive and service is not great; however, I do encourage visiting for the view.

6. Three Little Birds - What a fun little hole-in-the-wall restaurant that we found using yelp. Sadly our third last breakfast was only so-so. Three Little Birds has a variety of fresh juices, and the restaurant is exceptionally cute. We also loved the shirts the wait staff wore that said "Peace, Love, Pancakes". It was definitely a place worth trying even though we weren't terribly impressed with the breakfast.

7. Crave - One of the most interesting restaurants we went to during our entire trip to Charleston, this little hole-in-the-wall place also does catering for the golf tournaments held on Kiawah Island. The food surpassed my expectations, and Justin truly enjoyed the seafood. We were only one of a few people that came into the small restaurant. I would definitely "crave" the food from crave if I ever found myself on Kiawah Island again.

While there are soooo many restaurants in Charleston, Justin and I have only found a few must-go-to restaurants that we absolutely love and look forward to visiting any time we are in Charleston.

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