While Justin and I had a LOT of visitors from out of state for the wedding, we really only had one couple visiting us from out of country.

I was completely surprised last fall when I invited a long time online friend to the wedding and he said he would. (Of course I am fairly certain I surprised him when I invited him. *shrugs*)

Anyway, so we met up with him and his significant other approximately 3 hours after they had arrived in Atlanta (and a very quick Bloomingdales is going out of business and we want feather pillows run). We met up at Mary Mac's Tearoom, a restaurant I had never been to before. I was worried about recognizing him (probably because I worry about everything), but I had no need to be. While I was off in my own little world walking down the street with Justin, our foreign friends pulled up in their rental car and Justin recognized them off the bat. Go figure. My friend... Justin recognizes. (I guess this is normal for me.)

Ehh... don't worry. It gets better. Not only is Justin the first to recognize, but he is not shy (unlike me). Immediately they make a connection talking about food... and later on in the trip... shoes*. *sigh* What do you do? Apparently shoes and food are two very important topics. lol. Mmm... slushies. Or daiquiris... whatever they are!

Anyway, the point is that Stefan and Sonja are two amazing individuals that we are so thrilled were able to come and celebrate our wedding with us. Thank you for being the furthest flying most awesome German friends a person could ask for!

*Was informed that I needed to make sure my readers were aware that the shoes they bonded over were "manly" and "geeky" rather than being heels. ;)

Darwin Young Photography 

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