Rehearsal Dinner

After a crazy Thursday that ended up being far more busy than originally anticipated, there came Friday.

Justin was still doing last minute touches on the dresses and reception decorations while Marion, my parents, brother, and I were prepping to move the decorations and bottled drinks from my house to the reception site. Luckily, when we were moving the reception site "stuff", only one major snafu occurred. I dropped some Izzes breaking two and cutting my foot. :(

After that, it was running around like crazy. So crazy, in fact, that I missed lunch altogether! Justin and I went to get my hair flowers and then we went to pick up 96 cupcakes from the bakery.

By the time Justin and I returned to my house, it was really time for us to head to the church. My parents and brother (and Justin's sister) weren't even getting ready! I think it may have been the fastest we have ever moved getting ready and getting out of the house. Unfortunately, even though my family was right on time, Justin still arrived approximately 15 minutes late. Oh well. There were a number of people that were not able to make it to the rehearsal.

I guess the rehearsal went as smoothly as possible considering the number of people that could not come.

We later enjoyed a crowded clam bake at Justin's parent's house. It was nice spending time with both families. However, I think the wedding party enjoyed our trip to Café Intermezzo just a little bit more. Drinks and dessert (or fruit and cheese) is always a fun way to end the day. I think we were up until midnight before deciding to part ways.

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