Counting Down...

Justin and I are scrambling to finish projects. We are so busy!

I have to say that all of the lovely family and friends that are coming in for the "big" day makes me oh-so-very over-the-moon happy. (I knew I had a lot of adoring fans, but really?! You all had to come see me?! lol.) In truth, you are all so very awesome and special to me (even those that can't make it).

Tomorrow we have quite the day scheduled beginning with taking music and "stuff" to the reception site and ending with a rehearsal dinner with lots of exciting and wonderful people!

I am also feeling quite special in that Ms. Marion is here with me to help with last minute things. Talk about an awesome maid of honor! :)

Hope you all have a good weekend. My next post will be as a "Mrs."! :)

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